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  1. I've got a manta B 1986 1.8, we've bought it as a rolling shell and after some parts to get things moving. if anyone has any of the following please let me know. side skirts, boot spoiler, rear quarter windows with seals , decent seats (front and back),headlights, side indicators, front indicators. a lot of things that i've probably forgot about so if you've got something for sale that you think i might need please let me know. TIA
  2. Is the 77 gte rare? Im new to the manta scene. Im not really looking to go down the modifying root, more original with abit of modern if you get me.
  3. Evening all, I've got a 1977 GTE rolling shell, this will be a long term project. Im looking at putting in the X20XE or similar, has anybody got any info on this build or even better a build thread, pictures, issues? if there is an easier swap out there id be open to options also. TIA Danny
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