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  1. Still got 2.6m x 1.5m . Including postage £158.00 to UK.
  2. I have brought some of this fabric (outer black) and never got around to use it. If anyone is interested in buying it from me let me know.
  3. As per title, I am on the look out for a mint hatch. Preferably the early models with daytona interior but not essential. I know i am asking a lot and could be in for a long wait .
  4. Just joined the club for the second time. After saying to myself no more Manta's, I am on the hunt again. I have owned three in total, three Calibra's and a Astra coupe. The first E950 CMO, black coupe brought for £500 in 1998. The second was back in 2002-03, when I brought A666 MFC from Tony in Oxford. The third was rather special, having only covered 18,000 miles from new. I brought it in 2007, and sold it to my dad who never had the time to use it as he had to many other toys. The time came in 2017 to being forced to sell, and now its in better hands as its in proper storage and being cared for as it should. I am now in a position to purchase and store one properly, so if anyone has a mint GT/E hatch for sale or know of one, please give me a shout. Hope to meet you all at some shows.
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