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  1. Welcome to the club....im a newbie too this club has Great people with great knowledge
  2. Cheers dave I'm in a process of buying a car for the mrs and a lil birdy has told me there could be a manta exclusive coming up for sale for a good price soo my ears are to the ground and I'm hoping il be a owner of that let' see
  3. Iv sold it...with the monies.. im buying my Mrs a car and getting myself another manta very soon possibly a exclusive watch this space ; )
  4. Taken a deposit .... a offer that was too hard to refuse And the claim is on a Round about accident they ain' simple coz it's a blame game... tho we are innocent....and coz it' hard to prove it' more likely to be settled with 50/50
  5. Hiya I dnt know how to upload the pics plus iv taken a deposit a few days ago
  6. Mrs needs a car and it has to be automatics they ain'T cheap it' got to be a jap like a toyota or honda... soo the idea I have is to sell mine and pay for 2 more cars 1 for me and 1 for her..if I can unless the car insurance pays out quick enuff then I'm off the hook I don' know il check the log book it' not silver more like a goldish colour
  7. Iv got people that wana buy it but I don'T wana px with anything too new...if it ever sells I'm directing the individual to this site straight away! There is a good handful of Amazing people on here that go out there way to guide you I just wana say THANK YOU to those who helped in everyway
  8. A quick update JusT passed the mot with no advisories!
  9. Hiya gents this baby belongs to me ..she is a minter booked in for mot this coming saturday! Iv had loads of offers for p.x but nothing decent as I need to buy a car for my wife
  10. I'd love to go my manta should be ready by then Any1 who lives in the west midlands?
  11. Thank you all for yr kind replies Iv rang around for quotes they are a lil bit expensive for my liking Im gona see closer to the time what will be best either repair or replace but i don't' wanT to depart with 30 quid lol
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