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  1. Left hooker doesn’t bother me , the condition is what counts , I enquired earlier , apparently it’s a genuine 2 owner car 58klm from new , cant remember if they said one uk owner from 1986 or 96 , last owner bought it from Italy from its original owne from new , all original and never been offered for sale before ,
  2. Hi thanks for reply , i prefer A although i have owned both models , i had a Kermit frog green 77 coupe when i was a kid, cant remember if it was a VX or Opel now tho ... Just found a 71 Manta 1.6s coming up for sale , silver with red trim .
  3. Hi to all , having had a couple of Mantas when i was younger ive always had a soft spot for them , specially the early models , i they are such a good looking car , would love to have another one again thanks
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