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  1. Cheers Andy, thank you for the offer. ill take a look at Chris’s thread and see what’s gone on there as a first stop.
  2. So, looking at modernising my a series with electric windows, are there any proven solutions? Trying not to reinvent the wheel if I don’t have to. On initial inspection a vauxhall nova arm may work... A great help would be great.
  3. Hi Chris, Paul Barrett has suggested I do the same, I have a beam, the spacers and the lsd. Please can I ask how you have connected the prop to the axle/diff, also do you have any specs or pictures of it fitted or off the car? Cheers, Matt
  4. Hi Andy , yes they are oz f1 but only to roll it around on, hopefully going for some split rims in time. Fairly sure this car been in a few members hands. Planning to give it a new lease of life.
  5. Hi chaps, I've been a member before, had 2 GTE Hatches, one was an exclusive, both were great fun, always hankered after an A series though & thanks to Paul B I now own one. It needs a bit of work, so I may be posting a few questions over the coming years. The initial concept for the car is road based, I've no intention to take it on track, I also will never be selling it so I want to get it right for me. So I am looking to use the Ford small block V8 with tremec T5, Salisbury 4HA axle and jag LSD. Here she is:
  6. Looking forward too seeing this develop Paul, I'm also looking forward to taking the A on...
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