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  1. That's very interesting. I'll have to look around at the shades. To just keep it a version of the monaco blue would be ideal. The shade in mine just seems so dull but it is 30 years old too so that's to be expected.. Thanks for the replies lads
  2. Hey everyone. Just looking for a few opinions. So it's an 88 get exclusive coupe in Monaco blue. Getting stuck into the bodywork in the next few weeks, few bits of welding that need doing and then going for a fresh coat of paint. Can't decide wether to paintvir monaco blue again and keep it fully original or to change it to another shade of blue, just something a bit more poppy and fresh. It's a very original car at the moment with no mods at all apart from a set of lowering springs and shocks I put in myself. All opinions considered on what to do.. just wondering what the general opinions would be. Thanks lads
  3. Hey lads, Anyone happen to know the part number for the fuel pump relay. Thanks
  4. Hey lads, fairly new to the forum and looking for help already... I know so many people say to change to a 16v set up but id rather keep the standard 2.0 cih lump but try get a bit more go from it. So I have been doing a lot of reading up and still need a bit of help.The budget isn't all that big so first of all i just want to get the engine work done and possibly look into a carb set up at a later date. I've been looking up camshaft kits so that will be the starting point. ill change all crankshaft bearings, all new gaskets. possibly a set of piston rings as well for peace of mind. Any tips or tricks and small bits to do on internals while its stripped out? any advice on camshaft choices? kent234 is what i have in mind. If anybody has any bits for sale that might be needed i would also be interested. Thanks
  5. I've heard that alright so going to do a bit of research into it to see what way they will work best with cam. Need to check if the pistons will need any work after
  6. Very well spotted.. Not mine but getting a lot of work done to it at the moment. Doing up the shopping list alright. First of all the engine will be getting its work done. Giving it a full rebuild, all new gaskets and bearings. Keeping an eye out for a good performance cam if anyone has suggestions. I'll have the head ported and if anybody has extra tips for bits and pieces while it's getting built im very open to suggestions to get it putting out decent and reliable power
  7. http://s1347.photobucket.com/user/eamonnwalsh87/media/IMG-20180407-WA0019_zpsgjcbb10s.jpg.html?filters[user]=147163469&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=3 Not sure is that the rightvway to upload a few photos.. but if it works well that's a look a look at my starting point anyway
  8. Hey lads. Does anyone happen to have a Kent cam op234 in good condition lying idle? Looking for one for a cih build I'm doing. Thanks
  9. 88 gt/e exclusive coupe. Couldn' tell ya on the calipers. I haven't touched the brake system at all yet
  10. There' Just something about keeping the original lump that and kicking it up to my own build that kees me happy. Saying that tho I don' want it to be a money pit either. I know she'l never be the fastest on the road but she will still be my build. The high lift cams on that website ya have will be a good start anyway if I don' come across any spares. Blue manta coupe. I must dig out a few photos for ya. A few years since she's seen the light of day 😂
  11. Hey everyone. New to the forum. So I have an 88 manta gte exclusive that I've had hidden away in a shed for a few years and I'm finally getting to the stage that I want to restore it to what it deserves. I have a very clean shell starting out so not many rust issues at all apart from a few minor bits and pieces. My main concern is the engine. I want to keep the original 2.0 engine in it but get to work on building up a bit more power in it and having it right. I have a set of carbs off an old gsxr 1100 that I'm considering using and putting the old injection system on the shelf for now. I can get the manifold made up for it handy enough. I can get a pump and fuel pressure regulator handy enough too. I know tuning will be a nightmare but I love a challenge. Has anyone done it before and have you and recommendations before I just tear into it. After that I suppose it' the engine itself that will need the work, higher lift cam, oversized pistols, bigger valves? Thats another area I could do with help on as to what works and what doesn'. The budget isn't going to be all that big either so what can bits be salvaged from that are still available around the place. If anyone has good bits they need to offload I would interested too. Thanks in advance for any help!
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