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  1. Hi there, can anyone advise please if it's possible to convert a LHD Manta A to RHD? If so any ideas on costs and who might be able to do the work for me? Cheers
  2. Hi Johan I just saw your post about VMT 409M - sorry I'm a bit late replying!!! I actually tried to buy this car back in about 1986 - I can't remember the sellers name but I agreed a price with him and paid a deposit to hold the car until I could collect it the following week. Three days later the seller telephoned me and said that a previous buyer from 6 months earlier had reappeared and still wanted the car. So it was sold to this other buyer and my deposit was returned. I'm guessing that the "other" buyer was the above mentioned custodian from 1986 -2004? I've always wondered what happened to it - do you have any pictures of it now that you can post? I was so annoyed at losing the car having got all the money together ( I think it was £3500??) that I went looking for a replacement and found an even rarer car - a 1963 Ford Consul Capri GT Convertible (one of only 4 prototypes) that I had previously seen at a major classic motor show on a revolving stand. Amazingly I still own and love that Capri - it has been all over Europe with us and I'll never sell it so I suppose it was fate that intervened but I always wished I'd got the Opel!! Hope you have some pics? Regards Mark
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