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  1. HI does anyone know if the Omega B /Carlton Y22 DOHC engine or the 2 litre DOCH originally came with oil pan baffle plate? I am thinking about shoehorning one into my A manta, for the track, And if already with a baffle plate would be great. Kind regards J.Tranberg
  2. Nice i found two places that sell them one place the cost is 100 euro the other place is a whopping 190 euro. Im all for making my own now 👍
  3. Hi Does anyone know if there is someone manufacturing engine brackets for the 2.0 16V or 2.2 16v from carlton, redtop from kadett, or newer ecotec. I found that retrofication.co.uk has some for the Manta B. But this is quite different on the A model. kind regards Juldal
  4. Greetings from Denmark I have worked with Manta A model for 15 years, and am currently trying to build one in rather poor condition to use on the track. Hoping to give som tips and pointers and also to seek some. cheers. Johannes
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