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  1. I had one of these back in the day exactly the same. To be honest I wish I hadn't bought my 85 GTe as I would snap this up in a heartbeat it's fabulous. I was looking for a manta or cavalier in pistachio green for ages but as usual nothing ever appears when you have the cash🙁
  2. Hi folks Finally in a position to get myself another Manta after many years of being without,26 to be precise , way too long I know. have owned 3 A series in the past ,1.6 S a 1.9 S imported from south Africa with a full length Webasto roof on a Y plate ! and a 1.9 SR which was only a breaker but had some amazing parts on in like a Dashboard that had never had a radio fitted,Mark Kinnon might remember this car he put me onto it. Also owned an Ascona B 1900 SR Cavalier Mk 1 1900 S coupe and a cavalier Mk 1 2000GLS saloon all these cars were fantastic Now I've bored you all to tears I'll let you go,hopefully seeing a very nice GTE hatch this weekend and a deal can be struck,wish me luck John
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