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  1. Hi, my name is Lee. A long story, but I have ‘inherited’ two Opel Mantas (a GTE and an Exec.) that I need to dispose of very soon. The GTE was my dad’s car. The interiors and a couple of the panels have been removed and stored. I also have a few other panels that I picked up over the years. I will list these at a later date. The absolute priority at the moment is disposing of the shells. They both have all glass/ engines etc although one or two parts have been removed over the years. If you are interested in a closer look, I have made a short video of each which can be accessed here. Opel Manta Exec 3 Door Hatchback Date of Registration 21 04 1987 Engine: 1979 cc (Petrol) Colour: Black Exec: 20180804_074907.mp4 20180804_074907.mp4 1987 Manta Exec Opel Manta GTE 3 Door Hatchback Date of Registration 16 08 1985 Engine: 1979 cc (Petrol) Colour: Grey GTE: 20180804_074336.mp4 20180804_074336.mp4 1985 Manta GTE As stated above, disposing of the shells is the priority. Are they of any value/ use to anyone or should they just be scrapped? Unfortunately I don’t have the expertise to be able to answer anything technical nor remove any parts from them! Any advice/ help/ support on how to proceed would be very gratefully received!! mantawell@yahoo.com. I am based in Motherwell, Scotland. Cheers Lee
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