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  1. Hi guys ive had a few emails so hopefully i can do ten sets is so would be looking at 4-5 pound each so sets from just over 50 pound posted if i can do them for 4 pound
  2. Thanks they did turn out well when you say sets are you classing 12 as a set?
  3. Hi all i have been fitting some new lenses to my manta and obviously had the same issue as most where the plastic adjusters break. so i have made identical copies of the originals i would make a batch of them if there is any intrest. just thought they would help fellow manta people im having trouble uploading pics so if the is any one intrested post ur email and i will send them to you. thanks adam
  4. Hi all ive been trying to find my dads old car, I have written a letter to the dvla to find where it is if its still around, they have sent me one back saying they want release the info, dont no whether thats a gd thing as it may still be around somewhere, was wondering if there are any other ways of finding old cars, last time it was taxed was 2001 Thanks Adam
  5. yeh thanks lads because i looked on billing website and all the others were there but no VBOA Thanks
  6. might be a stupid question but just come on to look when billing is but can't find it is there not one this year
  7. it looks to be in pritty much mint condition as far as i can tell from the pics
  8. my mate daz told me about the one you had at vauxhall because he move to my branch of greenhous from the castle one i didn't realise they had a worshop at ashbank garage gd luck with your new garage
  9. seen another im on a roll it was about 4pm today white gte hatch on the A500 going towards the M6 just caught the end of the plate it was FVT
  10. it had got a courtney sticker on the rocker cover and on the boot the reg is E571 XHE
  11. my mate works at a jap tunning place in middlewhich i think and he sent me some pics of a white manta he had in there it was a white couple with i240 arches and a dirty turb on an 8V when he said it was turb i thought it was going to be a reptop but it was nice to see the 8v don't no what it was there for forgot to ask
  12. saw a white couple with 400 arches but no spoiler this morning on the A500 in stoke never seen one with 400 arches around here before
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