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  1. Hey I am putting this into the Manta forum to see if there is any interest. If you are familiar with the parts catalogs for Opel, I believe no pre 1982 models have their parts catalog available electronically. I have a copy of the Kadett C parts catalog and currently in the process of converting so it can be accessed online with Opel & GM part numbers, descriptions and images/technical diagrams. I will be extending the whole thing and allowing users to also upload photos against a part, along with any helpful info for example where to source it, how to repair it, common faults etc and a buy/sell section. Not only this, but all part numbers will be crossed referenced, this is really helpful as with the Kadett C a lot of the parts are also used on later models like the Mk2 Astra that people may not be aware of. You will also be able to see all parts for sale online linked to the Manta. Say someone on eBay is selling an old stock GM / Opel part with just a part number, my system will check the Manta database and then flag it up for all to see if it fits a Manta. Another advantage with this is that I can link to aftermarket parts available against the GM numbers by cross reference databases. The coding is the easy bit, the time consuming bit is entering all the part information manually . If anyone wants to get on board and help the project out that would be great, all I need is to have the info typed into a spreadsheet and I can process it from there.
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