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  1. Carl do you have any exhaust manifold bolts about.
  2. I will have them for spares although they are proberbly not the problem.
  3. Parcel came sunday afternoon.All good.Do you have a fuel pressure regulater and a fuel pump relay.Cheers Carl.
  4. Carl did you track that last parcel it has not arrived yet.cheers.
  5. Thanks for the manifold.All good.Do you have any good AFM?
  6. Carl i will send you the money via paypal cheers.
  7. Carl how much with the postage.
  8. Standard gte coupe 1986 exhaust manifold wanted.
  9. Thankyou wanted it on the road and not sat in the garage.But there is still lots of work to do.
  10. Got this car back on the road with an mot two weeks ago.Going to start the other jobs that need doing on it now.A few issues but great to have it on the road.
  11. Thanks Jess noted.But i have now ordered one off mr carlos.
  12. So how do we proceed happy to go ahead with the purchase.
  13. Yes sounds good.The problem i have is that the clutch fitted in my car appears to foul on the flywheel bolts.There are visible signs on the four springs in the clutch plate and the flywheel bolts.I assumed the noise when depressing the clutch was the release bearing.Everything seems in good nick apart from the rubbing together.So i wanted a new clutch incase the wrong one was fitted.
  14. Do you accept paypal.Happy with the price.
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