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  1. Started today on the boot area of the car.Not as bad as i thought it was going to be after exposing the rot.
  2. Car looks great on the seventeens.Been looking myself at wheels and that seems the way to go.Also agree with you that i like the car without the side skirts.How long before your on the road.
  3. Thanks. It was in ok condition after i took all the rust out.There was plenty of good steel to weld onto.
  4. Had a day on the inner wings.Hopefully should finish one side of the car this week and get the drivers door and wing back on.Then i will start the rear of the car.How have you dealt with the back valance to floor area.
  5. No not as yet the plan is to do all the lower welding first to try and get the car to mot condition.The top of the A post and screen area have had work in the past and there seems to be filler in these areas but i will tackle these at a later date when i have to probably fit a new roof skin. Thanks Ian i am going to need it.This work eats up the hours fair play.Really am in ore of some of the projects on the site.
  6. Finally started last month on trying to get the manta i bought a year ago back on the road.Dont want it sat in the garage for years so i am planning to get it as rolling project within a year.
  7. It runs half way on the bottom of the b pillar and is attached to the bottom inner section of the A pillar.Would have liked too have past the b pillar but with the shape of the inner sill it would have meant not having it tight on the inner sill for welding it onto.
  8. Its 25mm x 50mmx 3mm box which fitted great.Already galved aswell.
  9. Took advice from site and fitted a box setion inside the sill.
  10. No mig weld but the inner sill is 2mm so made the weld easier.
  11. One sill done welded all top of sill .
  12. Mot station say new full replacement sill and quarter panel.You can spot weld as original spec.
  13. Will pop down the mot station tomorrow.Lots of different views on a few sites.
  14. I am fitting a full sill on the weekend.Would prefer to spot weld as i have replaced the inner sills with fresh steel and it would be a better finish.
  15. Getting ready to fit new sill .Do you have to have a continuous weld or are spotwelds or filler welds ok as this would be a far tidier.
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