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  1. Exhaust issue sorted now. When examined closely both silencer boxes were defective. They had gone very thin skinned presumably from internal corrosion and had tiny splits which only became visible on a ramp. Bit the bullet and had a system made up in stainless steel using the original as a template. All nice and quiet now! Hope the "trouble free motoring" which was promised on purchase can now commence! Thanks again for the comments and advice.
  2. The original clock and relay are partly dismantled now. No obvious signs of what is wrong though. Will get the magnifying glass out! Exhaust options are being considered! Found your screwdriver (Steve) under the passenger seat!
  3. Thank you for the technical info, it is very much appreciated, but in the event I didn't need to do what you suggested as I was given a replacement relay yesterday evening and everything operates as it should now. May try opening the original relay to see if it can be salvaged. They appear to be hard to come by. Many thanks to Steve Hancock for the relay (and working clock!). How easy are exhausts to source? Driving home last night after sorting the electrical gremlin, an internal baffle seems to have come loose. Thought it was blowing at first but no sign of any external problems and it only vibrates at low revs. Not having much classic car luck recently!
  4. Thanks for your technical assistance. The OMOC is certainly proving rather more helpful than some other potential sources of information!
  5. Thanks for the info re the auto choke. The large earth screw by the wiper motor is tight. I have replaced the fuse and disabled the wipers by disconnecting the relay. OK with the current weather! Just need to source a good relay or switch to see which is defective. Would be much easier if it was the relay by the look of things! Thanks again.
  6. Many thanks for the several welcome messages. Recent move to mid Lincolnshire so new to the area as well as being new to Cavaliers and Mantas. Had older classics previously. Car is pretty good (was stored for 15 or more years) but as it gets used one or two issues have arisen, chief of which is the wipers which will now not switch off! Taking the fuse out stops them of course but makes the engine race. Same fuse protects the auto choke but don't know why removing it would make the choke work - the opposite I would have thought. Will post some photos of the car when I can work out how to do it! Steve.
  7. I recently became the owner of a 1979 Cavalier Sporthatch and was recommended to peruse the Opel Manta Owners Club's on line offering by Steve Hancock, a Manta A owner I met at Thoresby Hall car show. Steve gave me his telephone number which I have subsequently lost! If you see this Steve, could you give me a call or send a message. Thanks in anticipation. Steve
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