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  1. hi folks, just to jump in, i recently got a leather steering wheel cover (ebay too - cheap as chips) to refresh my irmscher wheel, pretty much looked like the one paul pictured. youtube videos made it look relatively simple but a girl at work stitched it for me, just got it back today and i'm super pleased with it. the youtubers did nice jobs but i notice the stitching was kinda thin, she seems to have stitched mine pretty thick (she's well into needlework) and I like it much better than the thinner cross stitching. nice feel to it too. see what you guys think. currently trying to work out how to get it back on with the spring in place, man that spring is super tough, i can't see how you can overcome it and line up the wheel and get the nut started, any advice welcome. i've got a standard gte wheel in place just now without the spring, steering wheel kinda clunks / moves slightly in and out, would like to refit the irmsher one properly. love the car btw 🙂
  2. I'm up for that Carl, I'll send you an email when I get to work 🙂 Cherrs, Scott
  3. Thanks evo, I'm gonna pull it all anyway, my plan is to run the engine with no gearbox / plate, confirm the noise is gone, try to fix the plate without the gearbox and if i can get it to clear then add the gearbox. bit of a chore but there's some stuff i'd like to tidy with the engine out e.g. i did the brake pipes after i fitted the engine, they're not very well formed 😞
  4. Hi everyone, I eventually got my GTE to run after being apart for the last couple of years but it sounds like someone throwing a bag of spanners down the stairs. I suspect it's the flywhell skiffing off the rear lower cover plate, mine was pretty beat up and I straightened it as best as could but tbh I was being a little optimistic that it wouldn't interfere. Gonna pull the engine out again, one step forward ten steps back but I'm cool, I was really struggling to get it to run so was pleased when it started, aside from the awful noise it idles real solid. I bought the engine years ago, was the first time I've seen it run. Anyone got a straight rear cover plate or know where I can get one? I'm a long-time lurker here, learnt an awful lot 🙂 Thanks, Scott
  5. Thanks Ian, I think if I reduce the diameter of the bush to clear the lip it will then be slack in the sleeve. I'm maybe confusing the issue with the bottom picture, that's a different issue. Very much admire your progress btw, not just the quality but the steady easy going nature of it. Despite being way old enough to know better I still get overly upset when I'm at the same thing for days, crying like I've just been dumped. Shoulda learned by now.... Gonna try filing off the lip, it's the lip of the sleeve so worst case scenario if that doesn't work out I'll have to remove the old sleeves, like yeti's thread below mine, and get bushes with sleeves. I'll keep you posted :-)
  6. Thanks Biffy. Do we just drag files to display pictures? Here goes: Front bush - no lip side Front bush - lip side Rear bush - single pice, goes straight in / butts up to the lip My mate thinks the solution is to ream off the lip, that way the shoulder of the bush will be against the side of the wish-bone, same as it is on the non-lipped side. Think I'm gonna try that :-)
  7. Hi folks, I got full front suspension / cross-member from the excellent Mr Carlos, I'm rebuilding it while my E-reg B coupe is away for welding. I'm really struggling with the poly-bushes. The ones I got are from Strongflex and they list two different for the front and rear: Front: http://www.strongflexuk.co.uk/front-lower-wishbone-front-bush-sport.html#.W5TEPvl9iM8 Rear: http://www.strongflexuk.co.uk/front-lower-wishbone-rear-bush-sport-1311.html#.W5TEdPl9iM8 Btw, I'm not looking for super-hardness so opted for red for the rest (80SHA) but the lower wishbone bushes are only available in yellow (90SHA). The fitting instructions said remove the old bush / leave the sleeve which I have done. Problem I have is that the sleeves have a lip on one side in the front and the back. That suits the rear bush listed above but there's no way the front bush (typical two part poly) is going in thru the front lip (would be easy enough on the non-lipped side). I *think* my car wants the front bush in the style of the rear i.e. push in from one side. I've read practically every thread I could find relating to poly bushes (and seen some excellent work / learnt all a lot), best I can work out is some cars will take the two part front (no lip) and others need the rear-style for the front. Anyone have any ideas? I'll point out too, there's people on here doing some amazing work, that ain't me but I'm doing my best. And at the risk of hijacking my own thread, the rear bush is a nice fit until you push in the inner sleeve, this seems to swell it enough to start to pull out to such an extent that there's no way it's squeezing onto the out-rigger, am I not pushing hard enough? I'm using a vice and it's really pushing, just seems there is too much material when the inner sleeeve is fitted, causing the bush to push itself longways. If the bush was a couple of mm shorter it would be perfect. I don't mind buying alternative bushes if that's the best way forward. Well, I don't mind *much*, nothing good comes easy I guess. Very much appreciate any advice, thanks. Scott
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