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  1. No problem Ian, postage was only £1.30, enjoy
  2. Hi Ian I`ve got one, I`ll post a pic, if that's what you require, send me your address via e mail to peterwhiles501@gmail.com and you can have it with pleasure
  3. H Peter maybe these will help on Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wheel-spacers-adapters-solid-steel-48mm-4-x-100-PCD-M12-x-1-25mm/302964987776?hash=item468a1ed780:g:GCAAAOSw7rlb8zEs:rk:15:pf:0
  4. Hi IanMc I think that I may have one, I`ll check tomorrow for you
  5. Hi yes I will probably sell the 13" Revolutions if your interested, just need to make sure that I have no problems with my new wheels before I sell, the tyres will probably need replacing, a pity really the rears are 235 x 60 x 13 with plenty of tread, bare with me and I will E mail you more details
  6. Cheers Mantasrme, very useful info, sounds like PMC3 might be ok? I have got a Vernier on it does your catalogue give any timing figures for optimum performance?
  7. Anybody got a decent camshaft surplus to requirements while my head is off, may be an OP214/270 or better, car is to be used for road use only, currently got a PMC3, which I believe is a Peter Maiden cam? but that is as much as I know, came to me in a 2.2 Carlton head I purchased with solid lifters.
  8. Hi all thank`s for the encouraging replies, have not done a lot to the car this week, still working on the head, have not even tried the wheels yet to see if they fill the arches, hopefully they will and look the part we will see, as for the MOT for peace of mind I will probably get it tested once running and all work completed, I am sure there will be MOT exemptions as the car is modified opposed to being standard? A couple more pics but months and months of work to do yet, apologies again if this post is in the wrong place, not sure where to put it yet.
  9. Thankyou to all for the replies, I can not compete with you professional guys, your standards are amazing to say the least, but I will have it back on the road, TAX and MOT not an issue the car will not go back on the road until it`s right and had a pre MOT for brakes and emissions etc.. cant wait to drive the car again. As regards brakes, looking for hints and tip`s for upgrade, read a few posts from Daishag? I`m interested in, I think from North wales regarding using Zafira callipers and 270mm solid discs but need more info, spacers , bracket and hoses etc for rears, maybe Carlton 2.2 fronts or Volvo 4 pots front, no brake lines at all at the moment, got some Zafira callipers tonight, open to any ideas please. Webers are 40`s with option of 30,34 or 36mm chokes and are causing some concern regarding servo mounting or bias pedal box, have seen a few posts with servo mounted reverse by OSF headlight, but may revert bias pedal box, car wont be used in competition, just enjoyment of going sideways again. About to fit a Carlton 2.2 head which cam to me with a PMC3 cam, ported and polished, don't know anything about the cam, think it`s mild road? heads been skimmed -20 thou, exhaust manifold is a tubular 4/2/1 possibly Ashley? bought from Yukspeed in the 80`s, car has adjustable Spax all around with 400lb springs on the front and progressive rears plus 40mm and 500mm lowering options. Just bought some 15" Compomotive MO5 Motorsport wheels fitted with Hancook 8J 225 -50 15 rears and 7J 195-50-15 fronts, ET0 and ET25 instead of the 13" Revolutions, car already has spacers fitted. Still have mega amounts to do, so lots of questions to come !!! Sorry if this post is not where it should be, I`m a newbie to this
  10. Hello my name is Pete, have been an OMOC member in the past and have recently joined again in the hope of finding some help, tips and or parts, my car is a Vauxhall Cavalier MK1 bought from new by my Father in 1977, I acquired it in 1985 and used it daily until it had completed 100,000 miles, had a flickering oil light and was starting to smoke, so in 1990 it came of the road with a view to doing the engine, I was young then and got the Manta bug after going to watch the RAC rallies of the eighties. After watching the rallies I purchased a 400 kit, changed the engine from a 1900 to a 2.0ltr, changed the 4 speed box to a Getrag 5 speed and bought some 13" 4 spoke revolutions and that was as far as I got, the car has basically just sat in the garage since then, disgraceful I know, after 30 years of shift working and now being Semi retired I have a rekindled spirit to get the car back on the road. Lots to do on the car, but I`ll get there hopefully, usual welding to do on swan necks, but want to get it running first, not sure about MOT now it`s 41yrs old?
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