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  1. Hi all, does anyone know off the top of their heads what sized spline tool I need to remove the four bolts that hold the brake disc to the wheel hub? Its an 88 GTE. Many thanks.
  2. Thanks Pete, are you local to Reading? (Be good to catch up with some other local Manta’s!)
  3. I don’t actually remember seeing those in there.........
  4. Thanks Snowy, that would make sense. I've not seen hose clamps specifically for silicon hoses advertised anywhere though (only huge ones for turbo hoses)..........
  5. Cooling System Upgrade Earlier in the year the original radiator finally gave up and so I chose RadTec for a high efficiency alloy radiator. Really pleased with both the product and service from RadTec! I also got a full silicon hose set from Retropower which proved to be a worth while exercise as most of the hoses were split or splitting underneath the clamps. I dont know if anyone else has had this but when installing silicon hoses they don't seal like rubber, and so you have to keep re tightening them. Does anyone know if there are specific hose clamps for silicon hoses as I just bought new standard hose clamps? The instal was straightforward, although i did have to shave down the top rubber radiator supports as the rad/rad brackets were slightly wider than the original. Installed
  6. Motorsport tools.com do the kit with choices of caliper (Dynalyte and Midilyte) and disc sizes and either standard or cross drilled vented discs. I’ve gone for the standard 246mm diameter cross drilled discs and dynalyte calipers so I can keep the standard alloys 😊
  7. Still have drums on the back at the moment but have been thinking that I might update to rear discs in the future. The calipers are things of beauty, love the finish and the look proper race spec with the cross drilled discs😎
  8. Hi all, I've been meaning to start a thread on my project for a while but only now am i getting on to it. My Manta is in daily use so this will be a slow progress thread. I have done a few bits already which I'll upload shortly but wanted to show off my next weekend project, a brake upgrade This will be the first "major" upgrade I guess and I'm quite excited to get into it. I've gotten myself a Wilwood 4 pot/vented disc conversion as the original sliders were starting to bind (any excuse really!!!). I know many of you have done brake upgrades using various caliper and disc combos, however I'm a sucker for "trick" looking parts and I wanted a bolt on kit. I've got to say, I'm not disappointed with these calipers, I almost don't want to fit them!! I'll post up an account of how I get on with these, along with some pics if people are interested.
  9. Hi all, Always a greatly debated topic this. As most have said, "professional" thieves can and will bypass immobiliser systems, both bought and homemade. An alarm will draw some attention but again can be bypassed by the professional thief and are sadly largely ignored as "some idiots alarm going off". Physical security like a steering wheel disk lock is a good visual deterrent and may stop your windows being smashed before they realise that it is immobilised. Bottom line is if they want it, they'll take it. BUT, all of the above are additional layers that make it harder to steal. Classics are being targeted more now with values growing and the need for a healthy spares market along with the more sophisticated (not always better) systems incorporated in modern vehicles. So, with classics being targeted by professionals and knowing that they will get it, even if its towed away, would you want it back? If (like me) the answer is yes, then fitting a tracking system is the only real option. My advice would be to get a recognised system. Yes you can get an old iPhone with pay as you go sim and hide it in the car, but unless you intend to walk into some thieves lock up and steel it back its not going to do a great deal. Also the police will not respond to you directing them via google maps, they'll only be directed by an approved monitoring center once a crime reference number has been raised. A recognised system will have alerts that are triggered by certain scenarios giving you/the monitoring center the immediate heads up should something occur, and a proper police response.
  10. Cool thanks! I'll give him a try 😀
  11. H! This post caught my eye as I have the original 752 in my 88 GTE which in theory works fine except for I don't have the code for it. Is there any way of "cheating" the code or a cheaper way to find out what the code is as Vauxhall want £36 + VAT with no guarantees that it will work.....
  12. Ahhh that’s how to do it! Thanks for that! She’s not going to be up for sale, she’s definitely part of the family 😊
  13. Hi all, thanks for the welcome! 😀 Haven't worked out how to reply to each reply yet............ The wings and bonnet did have a respray to keep on top of some surface rust a few years ago. The nose and door decals were dealer removed for some reason, just leaving the GTE on the front lower spoiler and the exclusive and GTE stickers on the boot lid. I want to get the body completely repainted at some point and I intend to reinstate the full decal set then.
  14. Hi all, I’m Phill from Newbury, I’ve been following the group on Facebook for a little while and a recent post prompted me to get my finger out and join up properly. I’ve always loved Manta’s, since watching the rallying on world of sport/grandstand when I was a kid,. The love for these cars seriously grew when my Dad got a C reg GTE coupe in Carmine red in 86 (C515ORX). Sadly after being run into the back of once (where it gained a Irmscher 3 piece boot spoiler) and then being stolen recovered, Dad felt that it was a bit of a target being bright red and traded it in. The good news was he traded for a 1 owner 88 Exclusive coupe in Monaco blue. That was back in 1990 and it has stayed in the family ever since. Now with 88k on the clock it’s been my daily driver for the past 3 years. All in all she’s in good shape, with just some light surface rust on the back arches and front wing. The spare tyre is the original, and the jack has never touched the ground. Looking forward to getting her up to scratch with some subtle mods!
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