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  1. Bolt arrived today. Thanks again Jonathan. Really appreciate it. I just need to build a car to use them on...
  2. Brilliant, many thanks for this. K.
  3. I'd like to buy a couple please if you could post them. I'm in no rush. I have one but I had to cut the other to drop the sub frame and may as well have a matching pair. It will save me trying to source them. Just let me know what you need for them. Thanks. K.
  4. They have 2x 20E pistons as well. 1x0.5 and 1x1.0 oversized. I emailed but they definitely only have what's listed. Shame. Super cheap.
  5. It looks like there are some good value 2.2E pistons on ebay. They don't specifically say CIH but the bore looks right. £30 each? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PISTON-FOR-VAUXHALL-CARLTON-SENATOR-22E-ENGINE-2-2-1984-1986-OVERSIZE-/152090341206?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  6. I'd me interested to know what you've found, how much and from where thanks.
  7. This is a picture from mantadany.de he has an i2800. The eBay ones look similar to these but the rears look different to me. I could be wrong tho. The i2800 ones look much thinner at the 12 o clock position.
  8. Excellent updates as always H. Many thanks.
  9. You'll find lots of answers on here, just ask. I'll not be much help as I'm normally the one doing the asking!! Best of luck.
  10. Great info Herman, Using my crude method I got the XR2E measurement close at 50cc. I was quite far out on the x24, I measured 53. A syringe isn't the.most accurate way to do it I guess. Many thanks. K.
  11. Hi Andy. Stage one is 2.4 head on a 2.0 block. My 2.0 head is leaded and one of the valves won't seat 100%. I have the 2.4 head sitting unused and it's unleaded. So I'm just trying to make it work and maybe get a slight advantage over a standard 2.0 head with bigger valves and a better flow. I think I can make it work with very little outlay. I'm just not sure whether to get it skimmed or not to raise the CR. Any spare money is being spent on the car at the moment. Once that is finished I can then start savimg to put money into an engine build. You never know, a really low mileage, one careful owner 2.4 frontera might turn up🤣. Cheers J I'm convinced. I guess I can always take it off later....a lot harder to add back on. Really helpful 👍 I'll use the money to order the aluminium for the spacers. Thanks. K
  12. Thanks Andy. I think I've read through most of your website now. It's very good and really informative. I had the same chain tensioner guide issue you had. Because I'd read through your site I knew what it was straight away. I meant to say thanks at the time. Thanks J Would you leave the head standard and not skim it? As I said I was just trying to get back to the 9.4 to 1 the GTE would have had so that I wasn't taking one step forward and one back. K
  13. I mocked this 10mm spacer up out of hardboard just to make sure it is possible. It's really rough but I just wanted to get a feel for what it would look like. I'm happy I can make something suitable out of 10mm aluminium. I'll also need an equivalent spacer to apply pressure on the exhaust manifold. 10mm is just enough to get over the 2.4 dowel and I can add another dowel to the spacer to match up with the 2.0 gasket and manifold. The ports are about the same overall height but the 2.4 ones are wider apart so the spacer just needs a slight taper to match up. It's not actually that much. Cheers all. https://photos.app.goo.gl/nFvfXJUfwgExLqGm6
  14. Many thanks, I've just sent you a message. Please let me know if you don't get it. Cheers.
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