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  1. No, it's a coupe tank. That's why it's survived I think.
  2. Well Ive just dug mine out of the shed and it's only got one 8mm outlet so definitely a carb tank. It's a shame as it's in excellent condition. I'll pick up the gte tank when I pick up my engine. Can't remember what he wanted for it but it wasn't a lot. Cheers.
  3. Many thanks CIH for the quick reply. I'll take a look tomorrow and see what's what. Cheers. Kelvin.
  4. Evening all, Is there an easy way to tell the difference between a carb tank and an injection tank. My car would have originally had carbs, it's a 1981 SR. However I have a suspicion the car may have had a GTE engine in before I got it. I bought it without an engine and gearbox. If it did have a GTE engine I assume the tank most have been swapped. I've been offered a GTE tank for not too much money but if I already have one I'll spend the money elsewhere. Cheers in advance. Kelvin.
  5. Ian Thanks. I just assumed you would be able to polish it up but that makes sense as a lot of the videos I've watched on YouTube show people finishing it with some sort of clear coat. Do you mind me asking what you will use? Cheers Kelvin.
  6. Ian, is this still enamel you are using? I think I will eventually go this route as my budget won't stretch to paying someone and having followed this I'm keen to give it a go myself. Do you find it takes a long time to dry between coats? Does it need to be totally dry before a second coat? How long before you can wet sand it? Assuming that's what it needs. Cheers.
  7. Looking good Ian. All the lines look much sharper this time. I think it's going to look a different car when you are finished. Well done. I love that front lip. Unfortunately mine is missing or never had one so I need to keep an eye out for one.
  8. Ian, this is really starting to look great. Well done.
  9. Excellent effort Ian. Keep it up. The last one covered in newspaper looks a little bit like a Dodge Challenger. To me anyway. Making some good progress on my own. I'll update soon. I' m not as dedicated as you on the car or keeping the post up to date.
  10. Cheers Ian, will update with some photos as I progress. I love bank holiday weekends!
  11. Cheers, yes there's a small repair to do inside where the jacking point meets the chassis rail. It looks quite localised. Water has gotten under the sound deadening. Plus side is it came off a treat (gravity helped😀), down side is there a couple of repairs to do. Nothing that requires the removal of the jacking point I don't think. I'll take some pictures and post them up. Feel free to use the gaffer tape method, my gift to the world.🤗
  12. Cheers H. My older brothers all had triumphs, I thought this was good in comparison 😀
  13. A few jobs done on the driver's side. On the whole it's about the same condition as the passenger side. The back wheel arch is worse but the foot well and A post are better. On the whole not to bad. Mid chassis rails are mint as are the jacking points so can't complain. A few photos of a hole in the boots before repair. The cars upside down in the following pictures. https://photos.app.goo.gl/uBJsnme4BqaVM6BWA I cut out and replaced the structure that runs up into the boot. Seam welded isn't pretty but its strong and will never be seen. You can also see the small repair to the wheel well. I've tried to keep everything looking original which has meant making lots of small repairs up as the shapes are quite complicated. https://photos.app.goo.gl/6SWqZKM2xwJ3RbyM8 Then I made a repair panel for the inboard side of the repair above. Joddled/joggled/flanged? The edge and spot-welded in place. https://photos.app.goo.gl/LtcqccKUagbyimQb9 Everything is plug welded or seam welded in place with zintec and galv primer. I can't to the rear wing repair yet as the outer wheel arch is too far gone so I need to buy a repair panel and then see what is left to repair. I think they are about £40. https://photos.app.goo.gl/pU7UoiriF2pkjMXc8 Next I moved onto the sill. So much easier with the car turned over. And having done the other side I know what to expect. Sill as found. https://photos.app.goo.gl/rjNuCunaMLz4zeWw6 And with the filler and rot sanded away. https://photos.app.goo.gl/87rmZFXkmj9PjSSs8 And then with the previous repair cut out. They seem to have made the repair up with multiple small bits of metal. https://photos.app.goo.gl/gneZyZKmB4LLZxfV9 Again, no real problem with the inside. Got lucky again so just needs the outer sill section put back on. Still to do. The sill is in the rafters and I couldn't be bothered to get it out so I moved onto the foot well. As found. https://photos.app.goo.gl/r3VT96z7rm3besvPA Two repair sections needed. Cardboard, tape etc and then this. https://photos.app.goo.gl/mAbXCJh7voiHQ9Se6 And then the complex bit that ties into it. Again, I made a template out of gaffer tape, transferred it to card to see where to bend, stretch, shrink, bash, etc, then transfer to steel. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Pzso7xip28cw6Gmw6 Once happy the basic shape is there then an hour with my new Trevor's Blog approved planishing hammer, a few tech screws and the original panel as a buck got me this. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ofYRzrZp8yge6XnS8 A pretty good fit and reasonably true to the original. I'm pleased with these last few repairs. I've got Sunday to myself which will see all this welded in and I'll share some photos. Nearly there with the underneath. Better start thinking about that roof repair around the screen. Cheers all. K.
  14. Cheers, much appreciated. I've done a fair bit since but I'm terrible at keeping the posts up to date. I'll update soon.
  15. Many thanks Andy. I read through your blog the other night. Great effort. I've also looked at the pictures which I think makes sense. I need to source a 5 speed box and do some measuring but I really appreciate you confirming that it can be done which is that main thing I was after. I'd love to read a full write up if you get around to doing it. Thanks again K
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