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  1. Some photos of it before storage.. The engine is replaced with one from an 2.4i Omega and the gearbox out of a 2.2i Record (5-speed (dont know if these names are the same in different countrys..)) The driveshaft is from an Automatic Ascona B if i racall correctly.
  2. Hi, Need some help regarding wheel selection on my Manta A. I`m new to this forum - from Norway. Own a Manta A from 74. Been hiding it away for many years. Finally got it out from storage and looking into buying some New wheels. There is an ad out on some classic ATS rims in my town that are 8x13 and ET 01. Will this work? Can`t recall what ET number this car is okay with - and for some strange reason im having trouble finding the answere on Google..
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