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  1. I thought there should be a washer or spacer between the plastic arm and the seat belt loop, other wise its that close its just going to ping the cover off?
  2. There doesn't seem to be a "drag files here to attach, or Choose files" option for pictures in the parts for sale section either so like you say perhaps its just for members, oh well it was worth a try, looks like it will have to be greedybay now Thanks for trying But if Paulmanta needs any body moulding clips I think I have about 20no new ones part number 90052911, I guess being a non member it wont let you reply in the parts wanted section either!
  3. Thanks for that, so when I reply to this post all I get in the bottom of the box is "insert other media" when I click on that I get 2 options "insert existing attachment" or "insert image from URL" none of which seem to work?
  4. Hi all, it may have been covered before but how do I add pictures, I have some parts for sale which may be of interest, I tend not to get involved in the picture hosting sites so can it be done from my desk top pc?
  5. You shouldn't be able to rotate the seals, they should be a nice tight fit and usually need a bit of a tap down with a bit of tube/socket and a knocking stick, if you knock them on too far you can punch right through them though!
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