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  1. Thanks guys. I'm sure there will be plenty more questions starting with this one !! Rolled the car today on its spit and the chassis rails are worse than I thought at first. My question is that on Dr Manta site he lists two different chassis rail types one is listed as ' side member and one as ' chassis rail with reinforcement '. Then there is the swan neck section. What have others bought and the difference between the two ? I am able to fabricate reasonably well and was thinking about just replacing with new ones made from 50 x 50 and 50 x 75 box section but would prefer original look. Any help/advise appreciate. Thanks
  2. Hi, So this is the start of my GTE Exclusive restoration... as you can see its seriously rotten especially the A posts, swan necks and bulkhead area !!! Not even convinced as yet if it's salvageable. I don't think there is one panel that doesn't have rot in it 🙁 Not sure about engine choice or much else at the moment.
  3. Gareth08


    Apparently they are the same. The guy I'm dealing with who sells the adapter to mate the BMW Getrag to the Lexus V8 has confirmed it's the same !!! Hmm... now that's a dilemma as the later BMW box is 6 speed and pretty cheap... downside is gear lever position, prop, Speedo drive, gearbox mount !!
  4. Gareth08


    Hi.. does anyone know if the Getrag 240 5 speed box is the same as the BMW one ?? Thinking of putting a Lexus V8 in and the manual conversion uses a BMW Getrag box.
  5. Hi Eckhard, Thanks for reply. You do seem to have some of the panels I need. I will look at your site and start getting the panels I need. Thanks
  6. Hi guys, New to the site but not to Mantas having owned a few in the past. Long story short I decided to sell my Yank and go back to the first car I ever built 30 odd years ago. I managed to source an B series GTE Exclusive but it needs work...a lot of work. I need the following panels at least for both sides, A post, inner cills, outer cills, chassis rails, Sean necks, rear arches, door skins, spare wheel well a lower rear quarters. I'm sure there will be others but who is the best to get these from now. Thanks.
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