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  1. AIR4

    AIR4 with Rekord C

    I keep the injection, I would like to run with ethanol as it's realy cheap here Hello !! summary of Novembre 10th-11th weekend, last job on the swap original engine out New engine mock-up ready for next step Tomorrow go for new engine and gearbox mount !!
  2. AIR4

    AIR4 with Rekord C

    I know it's not as good as C20XE and a V6 also would be funnier, but I already had this X20XEV and one spare more engine. Also I would like to use this car as a daily driver and it will be a good compromise with fuel consumption. It's the one and only picture of the engine in the car. Gearbox is manual And job of the weekend : Engine from the Omega is off, I quickly made a stand to work on it and maybe make it run before mouting in the Rekord I also bring back the spare one, it comes from an Astra, I will take the oil sump to make a custom one from it as it is made with steel (Alloy on the Omega )
  3. AIR4

    AIR4 with Rekord C

    Thanks guy ! Yes I will take the gearbox also
  4. Hello guys ! I'm Damien, from France I am looking to swap X20XEV engine in my rekord C Donor car : See you later !
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