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  1. Evo, at the current exchange rate $300 Cdn is only £176. What I did not mention in my post was that if parts are sold to none members the income is divided by the number of members and paid as a dividend to them once a year. Joining the Co-op was a no brainer! Chris
  2. Some goodies for my build.... I spent Thursday and Friday of this week helping to unload and take into inventory a stash of Opel GT parts that have been acquired for the Opel GT Co-op here in Calgary. I scored the DCOE inlets and modified GT exhaust manifold from the stash. The inlets have as slight curve as they were intended for cramped confines of the GT engine bay but I'm hoping they will work on the Manta. As can be seen in the pictures the exhaust manifold has been modified and gently ported, it will need to go through a few heat cycles to see if the welded plate is stable. I'm fortunate that the GT club have adopted me and my orphan Manta B into their club and they are proving to be a great help to my project. The Co-op has gathered and continues to gather Opel parts in the hopes of keeping as many Opels on the road as possible. Basically you pay the $300 life time entry fee to the club then have access to the parts inventory at nominal parts cost. As an example I acquired a 1.9 CIH engine complete with all ancillaries, the exhaust and inlet manifolds pictured above for about £105. The group also gives me access to special tools and toys such as a plasma cutter. And the real bonus, I get to talk Opel with a bunch of like minded enthusiasts. Chris
  3. Ian, soon you will need to change the title of your thread: "Polar White - NO Rust - Restoration Epic - It's DONE" The car is a credit to your perseverance, enthusiasm and problem solving skills. Enjoy the drive, I'm sure if the car is running well the seven mile return trip from your Archery session might end up being a bit longer. Chris
  4. Take it easy my friend I don't want to hear that you have succumbed to heat stroke. I have never seen the inside of a 240 box so this is very interesting. I had family stuff to do today so I have not looked at the car. Yesterday I pressed on with stripping underseal, paint and rust from the passenger side front wheel well and A post. Things don't look to bad. Some repairs will be needed where the inner wing meets the front I will have to spend sometime on the shocker absorber tower, there is a small area where where the inner wing and top plate meet that has rusted through along the seam, it's a small hole and fortunately the surrounding structure seems solid. Chris
  5. Thanks Herman, your on going help and guidance is very much appreciated. Concentrate on your own gearbox first as I will not be needing mine for a while, still lots to do before I start thinking about installing the drive train. Chris
  6. Well, even though I won't need them for a while I could not resist buying these Recaros for the Manta. Cost me the equivilant of about £170 but they are in mint condition. Not sure how old they are but the plastic side trims on the recline adjusters say "Made In West Germany" Now I need to find mounting rails and runners to suit the car.
  7. I am quite surprised with the overall condition so far. That passenger side might prove to be a bit more challenging as the car sank into the ground on that side while it was sitting in a field for 15 years. Chris Herman, if you and Mrs Peeters ever fancy a trip to Canada I can offer free board and lodgings in exchange for guidance on the Manta. Of course it goes witout saying tender steaks, cold beer and nice Canadian wine would be on the menu. Chris
  8. Yesterday I spent the day stripping under seal and paint from the sill and wheel tub areas of the Manta. The A Post on the drivers side looks good, couple of small holes blue other than it looks and sounds very solid. One small hole is the side of the wheel wel and a second hole that looks like a burn through. Burn through? Sill and lower door all solid as is the rear wheel tub, I will need to fit a replacement wheel arch panel as the outer skin has some issues. Lower rear quarter and spare wheel well also turned out well, just some rust on the front lower corner that need some attention. Chris
  9. After a ten week lay off due to a shoulder injury work recommended on the Manta this afternoon. First off I removed the headlining and sun roof to survey the rust damage. Inside looks good just a couple of small holes and bubbles on the rear edge of the roof opening, should be repairable. Next up was a good poke round in the boot, the spare wheel well looks pretty good as does the rear panel and seam where it meets the boot floor so I made a start on removing the sound deadening material on the boot floor. Pretty happy with what I have found so far. Chris
  10. Ian, like may on here I have been following your Cav. resto with great interest. Your dedication to getting it done has been nothing short of amazing. My own project has been stalled for a couple of months due to a shoulder injury but I now have the green light from the Doc to resume normal activities. During my down time I have been compiling an inspiration board for the garage wall, something to look at and keep me driving forward during those times when all you want to do is sling the spanners into the corner and say "F-it I'm done with this". Your before and after photos of the CAV feature prominently on my board. Thank you for the inspiration. Chris
  11. Wow Mike, that is one fantastic looking car. I think you've moved the restoration bar up a few notches with this one!
  12. Can anyone assist me in securing a couple of 105 Key blanks and cutting them to a factory code (I have the code from the original ignition lock). A chap in the Opel GT club in the US thought he could help me out but his key cutting rig only does the earlier style Opel Keys. I have no keys for the car and I need to replace the entire ignition lock assembly but would like to keep the original door and boot locks if possible. Any help/guidance that can be provided would be much appreciated Chris Thanks Herman, grey would be perfect, I will PM you later today you to make arrangements. Chris
  13. Got quite a bit done on my car today, I took a deep breath and set about removing the windshield. Having seen some of the pictures of other members projects I was expecting the worst. While it looks a bit messy the screen surround is solid, once the screen was out I removed the dash and all the heater trunking. The only surprise here was the amount of toughend glass fragments that came out of the heater trunking. Unfortunately the dash top us shot, so a replacement LHD one is required. Chris
  14. Limeysore

    Manta Hatch

    Very nice, it seeing cars like this that gives me the inspiration to press on with my own project. Keep up the good work and please keep us posted on your progress.
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