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  1. Hi Herman, thank you for your response. There is significant rust in the swan necks and I’m panning to use Eckhards replacement sections to rectify this. There is no sign of any accident repair, however the car did have a very heavy cast iron Chevrolet 2.8 V6 in it when I purchased it. I was wondering the shear weight of thee engine and the rusted swan necks may have caused some distortion. The V6 is now on the scrap pile and a CIH engine is currently being built so weight should not be an issue in the future. I’m pretty sure that I can get better alignment on the pivot bolts when the new swan necks are installed and hope that the bushings will also take up a lit of the difference. To get the V6 into the car the previous owner hacked the front cross member and had the front of the engine sitting on the steering rack. This has worn the top of the our housing of the rack flat. The crossmember can be repaired and strengthened but I’ll probably replace the rack just for my own peace of mind. Thanks again for your reply, Chris.
  2. Well, after much delay I am about to put my 78 Manta onto the rotisserie. During the process of making up a frame brace to keep everything aligned I thought I would run a steel bar through the pivot points in the swan necks and weld a pair of locator arms to the frame to pick up on the bar. The bar is a nice tight fit in the pivots and I managed to get it through both pivot points but it was quite stressed and looked to be bending which gave me cause for concern. I then ran separate bars through each of the pivot points the result of which you can see in this photo. This is obviously why the single bar experiment looked bent and under stress. I ran measurements over the various reference points of the shell and everything appears to correct other than the pivot points not aligning. So my dumb question of the day is “Is this normal ?”. Thanks in advance for your responses. Chris
  3. I have the opportunity to acquire a recently rebuilt Lotus 912 twin cam motor mated to a Toyota W58 5 speed box. Just wondering if anyone has a used 912 in a B and what kind of challenges such a transplant might present.
  4. Herman, if you can get me the dimensions of the piston you require I’ll see what might be available over here. Most of the 2.4 engine guys over here use Chevrolet 305ci Hypereutectic pistons in their builds, they do need some modifications but nothing overly drastic.
  5. Herman, first off Mery Christmas to you and yours. On the pistons for the 400, if you can get me the specs and dimensions for the pistons I'll check to see it there is anyhing comparable available this side of the Atlantic. One of our local Opel guru's (John Warga) is a CNC machine wizzard and has modified pistons to work in his 2.4 CIH build, I’ll talk to John and see if he has any ideas. I’ll send you some pictures of John’s work via e-mail. Chris
  6. Keep at it Mke, we need more Opels on the road in Canada. Hopefully my B will make it's return to the asphalt in 2021.
  7. Update, my Bro supplied this Google Earth view of where the car is located. The blue dot marks the spot. Loddington Road, Tilton-on-the-Hill. .
  8. I received an e-mail from my brother earlier today with these pictures of a Manta Hatch he spotted while out on his Sunday morning cycle ride. The car is located in Tilton on the Hill in Leicestershire. If anyone is interested I'll see if he can give me more details on the location. Chris
  9. These little gizmos are a must in a CIH engine Opel GT. In the GT the engine is tilted around 5 degrees towards the passenger side (LHD) and then tilted downwards towards the rear of the car, resulting in potential oil starvation to the cam and lifters.
  10. Shug, I think the answer to this is a simple no they should not. This is a blatant display of age discrimination and the person who wrote this and company they represent should hang their heads in shame and review their privacy policies before posting such information in the future.
  11. I'm Going for yellow on mine as I will be using the yellow and gray door flashes and Im going to carry the yellow throughout the car as the accent colour. My rocker cover is of the Opel GT variety so we will be machining back the fins and Opel logo to bare alloy after powder coating, going to have the DCOE inlets powder coated yellow at the same time. I did red powder coating on my Morris 1000 rocker cover and a matte silver on the LCB exhaust manifold which all looks rather nice nice with the Old English white coach work.
  12. Congratulations, I'm sure this will be another Abbot masterpiece. Looking forward to following the progress on this one.
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