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  1. Ian, like may on here I have been following your Cav. resto with great interest. Your dedication to getting it done has been nothing short of amazing. My own project has been stalled for a couple of months due to a shoulder injury but I now have the green light from the Doc to resume normal activities. During my down time I have been compiling an inspiration board for the garage wall, something to look at and keep me driving forward during those times when all you want to do is sling the spanners into the corner and say "F-it I'm done with this". Your before and after photos of the CAV feature prominently on my board. Thank you for the inspiration. Chris
  2. Wow Mike, that is one fantastic looking car. I think you've moved the restoration bar up a few notches with this one!
  3. Can anyone assist me in securing a couple of 105 Key blanks and cutting them to a factory code (I have the code from the original ignition lock). A chap in the Opel GT club in the US thought he could help me out but his key cutting rig only does the earlier style Opel Keys. I have no keys for the car and I need to replace the entire ignition lock assembly but would like to keep the original door and boot locks if possible. Any help/guidance that can be provided would be much appreciated Chris Thanks Herman, grey would be perfect, I will PM you later today you to make arrangements. Chris
  4. Got quite a bit done on my car today, I took a deep breath and set about removing the windshield. Having seen some of the pictures of other members projects I was expecting the worst. While it looks a bit messy the screen surround is solid, once the screen was out I removed the dash and all the heater trunking. The only surprise here was the amount of toughend glass fragments that came out of the heater trunking. Unfortunately the dash top us shot, so a replacement LHD one is required. Chris
  5. Limeysore

    Manta Hatch

    Very nice, it seeing cars like this that gives me the inspiration to press on with my own project. Keep up the good work and please keep us posted on your progress.
  6. Let me see what I can find. I will be in the UK later in the year, so if I can locate the trim I could bring it across the pond for you.
  7. Advice and guidance needed, I have been offered a set of 15" 7j, 4 X 100, ET40 alloys. There is currently no rubber on the wheels so tire choice is open, would these work on my Manta at B? Thx. Chris
  8. Herman, many thanks for the information, I'll check out the sites you have suggested. I am going to wait until I have the car stripped to the bare she'll before ordering any panels doing this in the hope that I might save some cash on the shipping if they are shipped as one lot. Also Thanks to Evo and Nivlek for their guidance and suggestions. Chris
  9. Today I set about stripping the last of the sound deadening material off the floors. A pair of front floor pans and jacking points required to repair these areas. I then went to the front of the car and removed the front bumper and mounting hardware, only surprise was a poorly fabricated home made bumber bracket on the right hand side. I then took a deep breath, removed the left front wheel and had a poke around the body rails and swan necks. Here's what I found.... Front section with the under seal removed, looks very nice. Moving back towards the Swan neck not so bad... Moving on down, not very pretty... After pealing back the onion... Verdict, I will be adding inner and outer left hand swan necks to my parts required list. I'll look at the right hand side tomorrow. Chris.
  10. Hi Evo, they do use rock salt on the roads in Canada not so much here in Alberta where my Manta has resided for most of it's life. For the most part our winters while snowy are pretty dry, the snow is dry and powdery and a blast to ski on. I would say I'm more to the purist side than modernist, I would like to think when my car is finished it will be a decent restomod example (how's that for sitting in the fence). Chris
  11. I was busy during the day and didn't get into the garage until 7PM next thing I knew it was almost 11. The voice is simple watch TV or work on the Manta, the Manta will win every time.
  12. Not so lucky on the area around the drivers side front jacking point.
  13. Continued stripping out the interior today, to my surprise the rear floors look pretty nice. There is rust in the quarter panels behind both doors but when I prod around through the rust holes it seems solid inside. The underside of the car has a very thick layer of under seal which has kept the car pretty well protected. I think the areas of rust in the front floor pans is a result of moisture getting into the car (Bad door seals) and corroding the floors from the inside out.
  14. I promised myself I would not start working on the my Manta until after the Easter weekend, well I lied. I just could not resist starting the tear down. First off I pulled the front seats out and removed the front section of the carpet so I could see what the floors were like. They say there are two sides to every story so here are some pics to prove it Drivers side (keep in mind my car is LHD) Passenger side. Honestly I was expecting worse! Tomorrows task is to remove the ignition key barrel as I have no keys to the car. The steering wheel turns so it could be that the key is actually broken off in the lock. A chap in the Opel GT club in the US has an original Opel key cutting rig and various key blanks and thinks he can make a key up for me, so hopefully I'll soon have a key and be able to see what treasures might be in the boot!
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