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  1. These little gizmos are a must in a CIH engine Opel GT. In the GT the engine is tilted around 5 degrees towards the passenger side (LHD) and then tilted downwards towards the rear of the car, resulting in potential oil starvation to the cam and lifters.
  2. Shug, I think the answer to this is a simple no they should not. This is a blatant display of age discrimination and the person who wrote this and company they represent should hang their heads in shame and review their privacy policies before posting such information in the future.
  3. I'm Going for yellow on mine as I will be using the yellow and gray door flashes and Im going to carry the yellow throughout the car as the accent colour. My rocker cover is of the Opel GT variety so we will be machining back the fins and Opel logo to bare alloy after powder coating, going to have the DCOE inlets powder coated yellow at the same time. I did red powder coating on my Morris 1000 rocker cover and a matte silver on the LCB exhaust manifold which all looks rather nice nice with the Old English white coach work.
  4. Congratulations, I'm sure this will be another Abbot masterpiece. Looking forward to following the progress on this one.
  5. Danny, I agree with you on this, I just don't get the thinking of some people. A friend recently passed along this photo of three Opel GT's rotting away in Northern Ontario.
  6. Pud the wood, I'm racking my brain on your identity. John Wooding by any chance? I was in sales but spent a good deal of time with the guys in the workshop. I'm still in touch with Kim and his wife Sandra and visited with them the last time I was home in October of 2018. I'm also still in touch with Alan Sharp and also visited with him during my 2018 trip. I'll send you Kim's contact info in a private mail. Here's an oldie for you......
  7. Herman, if I've been riding on really dusty tracks I flush the cables with a mix of about 80%petrol 20% oil, this does a good job of flushing out the fine dust paticles and cleans the cable sheath (Might help clean the salt and sand out of the inflatable cables). After this I run about the same 40% petrol 60% oil as Wayne suggested. Evo, the drip bag is great idea, I currently use a glass jar from one of my kids old chemistry sets.
  8. I use the same method on my trials and MX bikes. For the bikes I have adapted a small reservoir for the ends of the cables and let them hang for a day or so to allow the fluid to run through, nice smooth operation when refitted to the bikes.
  9. That really is great news Ian, Happy New Year to you and yours. Chris
  10. I saw LHD and my excitement level quickly elevated then I saw the price and rapidly lost interest. It is a cracking looking car, it would turn a lot of heads here in Calgary.
  11. Go on Stu, get the lad a nice Christmas present, it would surely make you a candidate for the best Dad ever award.
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