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  1. Stu, The appended link might provide you with some additional support on the L designation, if not there are some other interesting sections on the blog that are worth perusing. https://www.mantablog.nl/manta-b/chassisnummers/
  2. Dave, your car looks identical to the first Manta I ever drove. My first Manta experience was in a 77 59SRB, polar white with red interior and black vinyl roof, it was our dealer principals daily driver. The car carried the registration number NMC 4 (Norman McGill Cuthbert), shortly after I drove it the car was sent to the legendary Bill Blydenstein and came back to the dealership as a 2.2 and was subsequently kitted out with some rather nice AlleyCat wheels. Norman's wife Samantha's car was the same spec but finished in Cardinal Red it carried the plate 2 SC. I wonder what those two cars carrying those private plates would be worth today.
  3. Steering wheel is on the wrong side for me but it does look like a really nice example.
  4. Mike, the car is stunning and the details of the restoration that you have provided are invaluable to others like myself who are embarking on similar projects. Chris
  5. Happy.... you should be delirious that looks absolutely fantastic.
  6. It's now 4:33PM Monday afternoon the temperature is currently +4C and warming up nicely until sunset with a forecast overnight low of -9C. The roads will be like skating rinks tomorrow. Why do I live in this godforsaken place I ask myself!
  7. Herman, thank you for the ongoing updates on your progress with our 240 gearboxes. I had to shovel a pathway to the garage this morning to get to the Manta. This will be the first time since the early 2000's that the Manta has spent winter under any kind of cover, it's amazing how well it has survived. Chris
  8. Ian, when I pulled the rear quarter cards off my car this is what I found. Someone replaced the original cards with aluminum ones covered in upholstery foam and topped with vinyl. They are actually quite well made, the rolled top edge is very nicely formed. Finding replacement cards on this side of the pond would likely prove to be impossible so unless I can find a pair in the UK or Europe I might have to recover these aluminum ones and put them into service. Chris
  9. Well, we escaped the frost last night the surrounding area suffered but Calgary was spared. It is now about 4:40PM and the temperature is almost 20C however, they are saying snow on Friday! Thanks for your efforts on the gearbox and providing the pictures for my build record. Your skills and attention to detail are very impressive. Chris.
  10. Thanks Herman, Indian summer you say, we have just had the weather man tell us to expect the first frost of the season tonight. I'm currently working on the garage to upgrade the insulation and add some heat so I can press on with the Manta this winter. I did spend some time cleaning the CIH engine I aquired from the Opel GT Co-op sadly it has a cracked block, so I have to go to the storage area and pick up a replacement. Chris
  11. Evo, at the current exchange rate $300 Cdn is only £176. What I did not mention in my post was that if parts are sold to none members the income is divided by the number of members and paid as a dividend to them once a year. Joining the Co-op was a no brainer! Chris
  12. Some goodies for my build.... I spent Thursday and Friday of this week helping to unload and take into inventory a stash of Opel GT parts that have been acquired for the Opel GT Co-op here in Calgary. I scored the DCOE inlets and modified GT exhaust manifold from the stash. The inlets have as slight curve as they were intended for cramped confines of the GT engine bay but I'm hoping they will work on the Manta. As can be seen in the pictures the exhaust manifold has been modified and gently ported, it will need to go through a few heat cycles to see if the welded plate is stable. I'm fortunate that the GT club have adopted me and my orphan Manta B into their club and they are proving to be a great help to my project. The Co-op has gathered and continues to gather Opel parts in the hopes of keeping as many Opels on the road as possible. Basically you pay the $300 life time entry fee to the club then have access to the parts inventory at nominal parts cost. As an example I acquired a 1.9 CIH engine complete with all ancillaries, the exhaust and inlet manifolds pictured above for about £105. The group also gives me access to special tools and toys such as a plasma cutter. And the real bonus, I get to talk Opel with a bunch of like minded enthusiasts. Chris
  13. Ian, soon you will need to change the title of your thread: "Polar White - NO Rust - Restoration Epic - It's DONE" The car is a credit to your perseverance, enthusiasm and problem solving skills. Enjoy the drive, I'm sure if the car is running well the seven mile return trip from your Archery session might end up being a bit longer. Chris
  14. Take it easy my friend I don't want to hear that you have succumbed to heat stroke. I have never seen the inside of a 240 box so this is very interesting. I had family stuff to do today so I have not looked at the car. Yesterday I pressed on with stripping underseal, paint and rust from the passenger side front wheel well and A post. Things don't look to bad. Some repairs will be needed where the inner wing meets the front I will have to spend sometime on the shocker absorber tower, there is a small area where where the inner wing and top plate meet that has rusted through along the seam, it's a small hole and fortunately the surrounding structure seems solid. Chris
  15. Thanks Herman, your on going help and guidance is very much appreciated. Concentrate on your own gearbox first as I will not be needing mine for a while, still lots to do before I start thinking about installing the drive train. Chris
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