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  1. hi man welcome. Good luck finding a Manta. Pity you're not in South Africa - i just discovered another 4 Mantas today in my area
  2. Hi Brian, welcome. Nice looking car!
  3. Boss, I see you're in KZN. There's a guy up here that specialises in classic windscreens - give him a call. I think he's in Klerksdorp. Julien - 082 578 3825. Another alternative is Furman glass - they can take moulds/have existing moulds of classic windscreens. They could possible help as well
  4. And the colour is on...L224 - Signal Blue. Turned out quite nice to be honest...now the hard work of getting everything assembled begins! At the moment the guys are busy doing a flat and polish on the entire car to do the finishing on it. I'm quite happy with the way the colour came out. It's something a bit different, which I like
  5. So I removed the timing cover to clean it properly - this is what the engine looks like. Not too bad to be honest Had the dashboard redone... Cleaning a whole bunch of plastic parts... I've got about three different cluster binacles so I took the best of each to make up a new cluster that looks the business! And here the fun begins - bodywork! I started grinding the various rust spots I could see to see the extent of the damage. The initial welder (not me) did an absolute crap job and stretched a whole bunch of panels which had to be shrunk again by another more competent individual. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of pics of the process but you get the gist of it. All rust was cut out and new panels bent and welded in (crap job, as I said which had to be rectified but came out quite nice as the pics will show). I bent most of the new metal myself to the shape of the car...only for it to be ruined by a man trying to set my car alight!🤣 Put in some rust protector/converter before the new metal was welded in I'm pretty sure this guy intended to kill my car! 🤣 Just kidding. After the first couple of hours of welding he realised the nozzle wasn't up to the task and it was replaced with another one, whereafter the welding got MUCH better. Massively botched job with new and metal stretched like hell... Started clearing out the wheel well. I wanted to put in a heat gun and remove all the old stone chip type paint but time did not allow this unfortunately. Welding started to get fixed and metal crimping applied This rear section was completely destroyed and some previous panel shop went in with glassfibre - this is the new plate welded in I removed the entire front suspension to give it a good cleaning. Once again, I'm cash strapped and didn't have loads of time but ideally I would've liked to remove the control arms, anti roll bar etc and clean and paint them individually. I do however have another car so I'm going to strip that front suspension out and clean and paint it properly to transfer it to this vehicle Here are some shots of the car during the process of getting it prep'd for spraypainting This nose section was a headache. The entire section was warped and bent out of shape so the guys beat the crap out of it and did some heat/cold crimping to get it back into shape Some more shots... Didn't turn out too bad where the messed up plates were welded in... I decided to with L224 - Signal Blue as the colour for the car. Doesn't match the old paint exactly (I'm thinking the other colour was closer to "Horizon Blue"). It looks much better in person than on the picture so I'm quite happy with my choice on colour. In general I don't like blue cars but i reckoned I'd be "bold" with this one... And then finally...some REAL progress on the car... This entire post was work done in the past two weeks (bar Christmas day) so we've really been working hard on this one. And it shows. I can't wait to have this car rolling! Another exciting discovery I made is when removing the front suspension I noticed the brake calipers are identical to ATE calipers found on the Alfa Romeo GT Junior 1600 so I went down to my local Alfaholic and got two calipers (this car only had one for some reason...) for free. They need some TLC but at least I've got a matching set now which I'll be refurbishing and painting soon. EDIT: Wanted to add - the underside of the car is a bit rotten as well. I'll need to tend to that as well but it'll have to wait for now. I noticed a couple of spots where glass fibre had been inserted so that'll need to be removed and fresh metal welded in
  6. hi everyone, been really busy...going to update the build thread now. As mentioned above - some nuts went on quite easily and others didn't, so I suspect the locking part is worn which is why the extra nuts were inserted. I haven't really given much attention to the engine as I've been real busy sorting out the bodywork... Thanks for all the help! I'll update this thread again as soon as I start working on the rockers again🤗
  7. Wow very nice car! I almost bought a Rover SD a while back with a 4.6 V8 in. Lovely engine that...so I'm sure in your Manta it goes like stink because the heavy SD was no slouch at all. Those seats look the business too!
  8. Thanks for all the replies guys! The nuts came off fairly easily when I removed them. They were a little tight because when they were removed they were all dried up and, like I showed in the build thread, the top nuts that were there for whatever reason, were rusted. I'll refit them today and do the clearances and see what happens from there
  9. Thanks for the compliment! The whole engine was painted to I did about three or four rounds of paint remover to get everything cleaned. Then I use my pressure cleaner filled with engine degreaser and pressure cleaned it with that, then for the cast iron parts I used a wire brush and scrubbed the hell out of it and blasted it again with degreaser and washed it off. For the timing cover I washed it with pressure cleaner and degreaser and brushed it all off with a paint brush and rinsed with pressure. Then I did some blasting with soda to clean the remaining dirt and grime and paint. I'm going to soda blast it again because there is slight overspray and a couple of spots I missed where old paint is still stuck
  10. So today I removed the lifters to get them cleaned and will be reinstalling them with the rockers soon. Just continued cleaning some stuff today, including the engine and got bored and painted it as well. in the process of removing paint and rust from various parts: I'll continue cleaning and removing rust from parts. The car is standing at a panel shop which is closing down soon for Christmas break so I'll only be able to really start doing bodywork after Christmas so in the mean time I'm getting the engine ready!
  11. Hi Andy, thanks for all your help thus far. I don't know if the studs shifted when I took them out. I'll check the link that you posted. Just a question (I'll also reference the rebuild link you sent me) - should the holes in the studs be aligned in a certain way? I've attached photos of them all as taken from the spark plug side of the engine to show holes where the lifters (should - they've been removed) sit. Cylinder 1: Cylinder 2: Cylinder 3: Cylinder 4: I know I probably wouldn't be able to tell if the holes in the studs are blocked or not but they seem to be open. There's no dirt or rust in any one of them from what I could see
  12. Hi Andy thanks for the reply! The car has those nuts with normal nuts on top of them. I'll take pics of everything tomorrow to show you. Please scan the workshop manual as mentioned - that would be greatly appreciated! I haven't removed the studs but the car has been standing for a very long time so the holes in the studs as you mentioned are probably blocked...will have to check that out to avoid Alright cool. Thanks for the info! Excellent! Will have a look at that now. Appreciate all the replies gents!
  13. hi everyone, Busy doing a restoration on a Manta A. You can click here if you wanna see progress I removed the rocker cover to get it cleaned up and found rust on the rockers and some bolts that hold those in place, so I removed them all. I'm ready to reinstall those but I just wanted to know if there are certain torque settings I need to use when putting them back? Any special procedures? All helpful comments are welcomed. cheers, Derik
  14. hi guys, Sorry I've been really quiet the past couple of weeks...been really busy. Fortunately I have no work related activities to hold me down so I want to get a lot of work done. I've mostly been cleaning engine parts on this car over the past couple of weeks. The car has been standing for years so there is massive amounts of grime and dust everywhere. So this is what I've been doing over the past couple weeks. Slow progress, I know, but I'm also busy with other projects so the Manta isn't getting the attention it deserves. So I've: Removed the rocker cover to remove the paint and rust. The rockers had rust on them so I had to remove those to get them cleaned. Need to reinstall them Removed the oil pan to do the same - remove paint and rust and repair small dents. Stripped paint off the engine block, head and timing cover. Still need to finish this but most of the paint has been removed thus far. Apparently the original head on the 19E/N/S engines were painted gray. Can anyone verify this? Cleaned gasket residue from the engine block for the oil pan. Will clean off the same on the part where the rocker cover goes. Engine turns nicely so I'm quite sure the inside is in pretty good nick. Visual inspection confirms all this. LOL I found some rust on the sills but not major. Will need to cut and weld a couple of sheetmetal panels to fix that - but that is the only amount found so far. I'm quite fortunate (Fingers crossed) that there isn't huge rot on the metal. I haven't got pics of that but will take some when I'm at the car on Tuesday. · So i haven'd made the progress I would've liked to but it's coming along nonetheless. I'll keep you all updated as we go along! Cheers, Derik
  15. PHEW! Then I'm safe! The only rust I've found underneath was an exhaust that is past it's sell by date. The undercarriage has got years of much stuck to it though...so once that's cleaned off a proper assessment will be made. It looks good though, so I'm sure it's fine to be honest. I'm sticking with the colour...the closest three period correct GM colours I could find (so it seems) are Horizon blue, Strato blue and Signal blue. Once I'm ready I'll get samples of each to see what each one looks like.
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