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  1. Don’t use this as is crap ,l think this is why l am getting the reaction
  2. Use 500 grit on the bigger runs, 800 wet, dry on the smaller runs using a red scotch pads to flatten the paint and then polish Then got to sort the door out I think l have enough paint, if not get so more
  3. Tonight rubbed down the paint runs ,very easy quick to do painted the bits that needed doing, looking so well l thought l paint the o/s door ,and it has reached, here l go again, Will forget at for the time being On the plus side the headlights,front bumper can go back on once it’s flattened and polished
  4. If you have reacting l use high blind primer which l put on dry thin coats it takes time but l got there
  5. It’s on the vin plate at the bottom 1 letter 3 numbers
  6. Had a quick look today it will rub the runs down and give it one more coat of paint,if it needs it as l have some more paint
  7. Hi Paul The address is CARPAINT 209 GREEN LANE LIVERPOOL Phone number is 0151 259 8484 They are getting the shop refurbished and have a bit of trouble with the phone Very helpful telling me how to use the paint
  8. I got 2 litres of paint,1 litre of harder ,and that com to £96.00 You will a small amount of thinners l already wasted £65.00 by getting the incorrect colour, but it done as a base coat lf you get stuck can give the phone number of the paint shop
  9. One nightmare is enough Thanks Ian ,l am more than surprised that it’s tuned out so well, never use this paint before well better than cellulose paint
  10. If you are going to repaint this use k2 paint,l have never used before today Its so easy to use and covered very well
  11. Hopefully l get to it on Monday as have painted sticky today,Turned out quite well If you like it just pay for postage
  12. So got to the paint shop this morning, ask a lot of questions got good answers, very good support from the paint shop l have not been looking forward to doing this as l never used k2 paint before Quite surprise on the answers l got so l started to paint at about 12 o’clock ,put 2 coats of paint on and looking excellent This paint is so easy to use, If you are thinking of doing a paint job use this paint Got to do one more coat of paint, will have to sort out some runs, so l have bared myself from the garage for 2/3 days Having a look at the headlights l got they are looking good, Was thinking of painting the inside of the headlights sliver ,( the bit that goes to the glass) Has this been done before Cut the XS carpet off the rear trims put holes in for the clips Going to sort the wiring out on the front spot lights So will have nothing to report over the next few days Have a good weekend everyone Just had a thought ,can l still call the manta sticky as the is no sticks on it any more
  13. I can see it but can’t get to it at this time as l an painting sticky this weekend Will get to it when l get a chance
  14. I made one a few years ago its In the garage somewhere ,if l find it will post photos
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