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  1. May show dimensions of the boot mat , Glad to see you back posting
  2. A corrado 16 v 2.0 has a tube for the HD plug leads, my fit unknown This part ewa missing from my corrado
  3. The cbr650f will come with 12 months MOT (eventually as the bike shop is closed for 2 weeks)
  4. Can you use the straight bit that was cut out along the bottom of the tube/ seat runner to extend the runner so it will match up
  5. Had them on my white Manta ( which was sold last year) If l did remove them it whoud have left holes in the front bumper
  6. That’s a lot better then l could do .looking very good indeed
  7. Been looking for a coupe for a bit of time now , Been looking in the obvious places , Nothing out there on obvious place without a silly price on it Not in a rush as l will use the bike in the summertime, Where is the less obvious place to look I will be letting the bike go in about 18 months time no matter what So will a Manta to play with Thanks in advance
  8. Congrats on your new member of the family My granddaughter was born on the same day as my daughter you will spoil her rotten, enjoy the time together
  9. Welcome Rob , Dont worry about getting things right, l will work itself out I am no good at this computer thing On my iPad the is CHOOSE FILES thing l just tap on that and get photos from the iPad one of my manta that l sold ( silly me )
  10. Glad to see you are posting again , and doing a bit on the cav sometimes you have to have to some time for yourself ( even if it’s makes you guilty) The mum in law is now in a care home ( aka hotel) as she does not to be in a care home All the best for you and the family
  11. Are you going to flat and polish or leave as is ( which is looking 100%)
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