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  1. Will be looking for a rear bumper for a exclusive in the new year ( hopefully will get to working back by then ) Not flush with cash so don’t mind if it needs some work I am in Liverpool so nearby whoud be nice
  2. The is about 1/2 inch gap from the front shocks to the rim l just like the look of them
  3. Have found out why the rims are being replaced Some people can not park a car and hitting the rims ( they stick out to far ? ) so they are getting replaced Have replaced 20 rims so far and 10 are good With the same rims ( give in, this is main dealership practice) l have got 5 rims for my manta and have 5 rims going spare,will need 205/40/16 tyers ( same size as original tyres) lf interested let me know.as they will going for scarp if not gone
  4. Hi Julian. Have got a 12 volt wiring loom for a dash cam ( depending on what camera you have ) Can post some photos of the end that go’s into the camera if that helps
  5. You need to drive it , park it up and just wait
  6. Hi welcome back .l have been on here (on off ) since 1989 .Can you post some photos
  7. Sorry for not posting about the oil filler cap, been working on the fire place. One job leads to a one more job . Trying to get someone to price up a flue , and plate is a job and a half
  8. Had to spend some time in the garage today So started up the manta ( about 4 weeks last time it got started) Turn over a bit slow but started okay.let it run got it up to temperature Running sweet.Hopefully will get back to doing more work on the manta in the new year
  9. We waited for 11 months to buy a house,they massed us about then they were asking for £10,000 more just before we’re dew to complete. Told they to go away.So doing some work that we was going to do. So work getting done on the manta at this time
  10. Is the manta in a body shop and getting done Sorry to hijack your thing
  11. The is a new one on eBay for about £10.50
  12. You will have give the heads up just before is on the TV Do you know of the manta that they did
  13. That’s looking good . Did paint a Manta in my garage ( sticky) very little room on the side Doing the o/s rear 1/4 look ok move back a bit , turn on the tap,water all over the paint which was still wet Not happy .had to do it all again
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