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  1. Hi and welcome to the club You will find members are more than willing to help you out Enjoy your manta
  2. They come upside on here. They are the right way round on Facebook Can not even find settings
  3. That’s what I did with the card
  4. Don’t know why they come out upside down,l have not got the skills to sort it Not going to sell it this time Not going to get it on the road this year as will only get 2/3 months of use lt doses need work but it’s nothing major Will put up a list of what’s required,all small little jobs
  5. The transport company was spot on %100 perfect Sad he will arrive at 2 o’clock and at 2 o’clock,outside my house Even tried to put on the drive but the exhaust hit the top of driveway Tucked up in the garage got lots of time to play and get it right
  6. It’s landed at outside my house.will have to check later as going the park.Got some cards for transport company will post later
  7. The paint job is looking 100% spot on , really like the wheels
  8. Getting a few things together for the manta Ba Found the running lights, got LED lights to in the boot Got some spanner’s,hose clips,fuses,dizzy cap, tow rope Battery jump starter pack.Just in case things go wrong Had this in every manta l have had never needed it so far Battery at the ready if needed The photos keep getting posted unsidedown
  9. Can not afford to take a photo way out of my price range
  10. Hi and welcome. Post some photos up You will get the correct information on here.from what does this do, where does this wiring go
  11. This is my 3rd time back Buying a house lost of job ect getting in the way welcome back.nice looking manta A
  12. You have to have a realistic price in mind Put the word out everywhere and anywhere that you want and will to buy a manta l have got one from lreland ( delivery on Monday afternoon) I have been looking for 18 months ( have a look at Irish blue ) information on their If you see one and to far to check out , someone in the club my be nearby to check it out for you You will get one if you set a realistic price.Best of look
  13. You will be bored with the things l will post Fist plates STJ 574 02/03/1988 second plates A10 MOC 02/03/1992 Current plates E646 BKM 04/09/2003 Exported to lreland 17/07/2004 It is HPI clear,l will be the 5th owner ( Stevie will be the 4th owner only to register) So l will be owner number 4 really Any information more than welcome Are we bored yet
  14. While l wait for the manta to arrive.l will start at the beginning About 5 years ago a chap for northern lreland ( Stevie) got in contact saying he wanted the red manta Told him not for sale ,but he did not give up ln the end told him what l though was silly money, hoping that whoud be the end of it He said okay , Had a lot of communication about the manta,videos,photos ect Put a lot of trust in me Come over from northern lreland buying the the manta with out seeing it Stevie was very happy with the manta . Back home with the manta ( as always should NEVER HAVE SOLD IT) Did keep in keep in contact as he and the mates come to Liverpool a few times a year In about April got a text do you what this manta. How much l asked thinking if will be out of my price range. I was the first person he thought of as was very fir to him when he bought my manta Has a lot of offers of £10,000 plus £9,000 plus cost of the MOT and any work ( by a garage that needs carrying out) Stevie did some work on it the get though the MOT ( very different in northern lreland only carry out some places) So it was 3 months before it was all sorted Stevie sorted out the transport to take it to Liverpool. Even delivery to the transport yard So the cost is £9,545 all in ,which is a very good price ( will need some work,don’t they all ) So will be boring you on here and Facebook about the bits l will be doing Roll on Monday
  15. Will post the results on here as l did get some prices of £ 600 Hope things go well
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