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  1. Have just checked again most parts have been removed But the a pressure regulator for £5,999 On eBay the price of some parts fo Mantas are in the £10,000 plus All see the scammer is back with a A serious Manta (when you see it you know it)
  2. Used air valve on eBay for £15,000 The is more parts for £10,000 as well That’s me with. £30,000 in the garage ( somewhere)
  3. If the heads round off ,drill the head off the should be a bit of the bolt sticking up , weld a nut to the bolt and should come out easy
  4. Was looking to spend around the 250 mark but nothing gives me the buy now feeling ( That’s the only reason so high) Was hoping to have so money over for a Manta Have 3 notices of interest so far but going nowhere as yet.
  5. Yes they are them. Clean out the bolt head ( coke my work ) tap the bit in The bolt head hopefully they will come out
  6. Hi and welcome to the best place to get any information from people that have been there done that, Take your time and enjoy. Ian is the best man with the information
  7. Have pulled up outside about 30 houses and drove on .it must have a garage or room to put one on , It’s harder than l thought it whoud be
  8. Going to sell the house.So don’t know if l will have a suitable garage to work on a Manta. Going to put on hold until l find a house with a garage ( it’s a lot harder than you think as got £300.000 (at a push )to get a house) Will be still looking but who knows
  9. Hi and welcome very sweet looking Manta
  10. Looking very nice, l whoud not have the patience to wait this long to polish it You are going to run out of things to do soon
  11. Have a look on FIST HELLO, on Hello and welcome. Cavalier Mr 1 Projected, he is looking for information on a engine swap
  12. Hi lan all is well ( but still can get the bike MOT ) The bike polish up very well ( did not f##k up the paint) As the head spins slowly is Dont F ##k the paint l found it okay to use , as l did f##c up the paint on sticky Hope your son is doing well. As well the cat’s
  13. Have got a polisher and yes burn through the paint,so got some of there’s from eBay, use with a drill polished up the cbr650f a great, did not damage the paint at all worked really well
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