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  1. And they say being over the hill is all down hill not when you can carry out a hobby and get a 1st class manta
  2. That’s looking like one of the best Mantas around.lot of work and money put into the Manta
  3. You make this look very easy.Nice work
  4. I have used them and found to be very good.if you put sound deading under the bonnet it may put some strength into the bonnet skin
  5. You will have to be careful when closing the bonnet.As the filler my crack if the bonnet gets slammed shut
  6. Just had a look on u tube on how to shrinking body panels .uesd heat to shrink the metal look like it works.Might be worth having a look see what you think
  7. Have you seen the thing that a rod is glued to the panel then fit a bridge over the rod and pull the dents out. Seen them on eBay Not expland very well but if you look on Facebook or eBay you can find it .Dont know if it works.
  8. You can clean up wiper motor and have looking good
  9. You can try and ship over to England
  10. Got to get the corrado sold before I get a Manta.Have some interested but it’s got to go
  11. Welcome to the club, this is my 3rd time around.You can get a lot of information and interesting answers on here
  12. Cheers robah.just down the road from you in Liverpool
  13. Have still got the manta will you consider a Px ??????Have a vw Corrado 2.0 16 v in excellent condition see photos on cars wanted
  14. Can upload photos now that I have joined the club
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