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  1. Hatch’s are more practical than a coupe. But don’t fell it for a hatch
  2. Was hoping that someone my know some history Got to figure out how to do Irish HPI history if it can be done
  3. Bit more news on the manta, carried out a HPI check it was originally a U.K. car .Went to lreland in 2002 The reg number E646 BMK New on the 02/03/1988. photos keep coming out upside down
  4. Jumped at the hatch as the was no coupes about.That was a really solid manta,petty it was a hatch
  5. May fit a original rear bumper,don’t know as yet
  6. The rear bumper was from the red manta l sold to Stevie £9,000 plus mot and transport to Liverpool.
  7. Some of may know that have been looking for a Manta coupe for 18 months Did get a white hatch (Sticky) but did not feel the love for a hatch,( it was 100% solid) but got sold Have found a Monaco blue GTE in lreland.lt needs a bit of work ( nothing major ?????) Will come with 12 months MOT. Stevie had taken it px on one he sold.I sold the red Manta to him about 5 years ago The only thing that can wrong is that it fail the MOT in a big way Dont think it will Has a bit of light rust on the inner wings, so will paint the inner wings,steering wheel needs a clean ect all picky stuff Will come with original wheels Will have to get it from Northern lreland to Liverpool.once it here will post so photos. Got sent some photos from Stevie Dont think it going to be a major project will post photos of before and after
  8. The is a starter motor on eBay for £12.00 Dont know if it’s any good for your cav
  9. Going to start a new topic on Your project as got the Monaco Blue Manta Just got to think of a title
  10. Have seen chassis parts for 16,000 plus post from Germany
  11. I think you can new ones for about £50.00 don’t know where but not 100%
  12. Got a engineering shop to grain down some cam shaft sims as l had a head gas flowed ect could not get a sim to fit Was spot on had no problems
  13. Had a look for the starter motor, can’t find it as l pack up all the garage bits in September last year The is about 20 box’s all stored in the shad ,can’t remember which box , or may be already gone as l give some manta parts a way
  14. Thanks.will have to find out how to do the links
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