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  1. I fit new original Renault seat covers and they do not fit nice, a lot of pulley and tugging to get it fit right,So l whoud say yours are excellent ,and you you made they from scratch, excellent work
  2. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  3. Will be watching with interest as the shell is looking a bit of a boded job in the past
  4. That’s looking like it just come of the transporter getting delivered from the factory, very sweet
  5. Had Audi disc’s Astra capillaries on this manta , but had 14 inch wheels and cleaned the brakes
  6. The wife whoud insists on doing the ironing bit as l whoud mass it up
  7. Looking good ,are you going to more padding in if you put a very thin layer of grease on the frame the form will bed in a lot easier Do miss posting work carried out on sticky, but can’t post on radiator covers for the house
  8. Nice to hear good news now and again
  9. Have noticed that quite a few people in club give parts to other members ,have done if my self
  10. If anyone needs a car looking at in the Liverpool St Helens Warrington area will go and have a look and give a report
  11. I don’t know what they hope to get .as l will pay any money until l was in front of the car Has got lots of outer cars , motorcycles on eBay The will be someone who is local and go and have a look ( hopefully)
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