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  1. Roll the valves on glass which should be 100% flat , you see if the valve is distorted
  2. Was looking at this, checked the bidding list as Jess has pointed out the listing looks a bit doggy
  3. He had over 300 cars ,bikes ,boats In March He had bids of over £96,000 for a Ford Capri , The Capri club got it at that price just to piss him off
  4. The white Manta is back on eBay
  5. I am a web member only ( no manta at this time) l visit this site most days just to keep up with the builds that are getting done
  6. Did ask if it was up for swap for the cbr650f but he doesn’t ride a bikes, so no go
  7. Can’t remember my first Manta ( reg number) Got it a car auctions for £320 plus fees My brother blow it up That was the start of the Manta thing 8/9 Mantas on looking for the next one which will stay with me forever
  8. How are getting on .are the the rear arch’s fitted yet Post some photos up if fitted
  9. 30 years ago did a bit of brazing ,found it quite easy to be honest, Also did a lot of welding back then , Used to love it. Moved job have not done it since
  10. Very lucky person.even with the damage still look sweet
  11. Had this problem Carried out a Audi discs Astra callipers mod with stainless brake hoses. Brakes where spot on
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