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  1. I am looking for one that is to much money for me to pay out,But it did look nice
  2. I am in the VW Corrado club (have just sold it) The is a posting about headlights going dull This was back on July 2015 He was in lreland The email address is www.vmclimted.co.uk The cost in July 2015 was £75.00 per light May not be there anymore
  3. 1200bandit


    That should be IN NO HURRY
  4. 1200bandit


    Alanxr3 manta is the kind of thing l would be interested in at that price So it all depends on the manta l am willing the carry out work but don’t want to do welding .l will go to £5,000 maximum for the right car. But in no hurry to get one as it will be a winter project
  5. Welcome back,l have been on and off myself,fist joined in 1996 .Manta 2.0 GTE D611 TDM in red would like to have it back l am now looking for a manta myself,but in no hurry.
  6. 1200bandit


    That’s not for me,no work to do on it , If you don’t ask you don’t get. l am in hurry as l will be using my 1200 bandit this summer
  7. 1200bandit


    TThe corrado has been sold,so will be looking for a Manta Coupe In no rush to get a Manta,l am looking fo a coupe ,will wait for the the right car to come along The chassis, floors,roof, must be solid ‘A’ posts must be solid engine, gearbox would be nice,but if missing no problems So l am after a coupe (May consider a hatch) with no major welding required, Must be a rolling car (suspension wheels axle ect ) I am in Liverpool so near me the better but will go anywhere for the right car will pay a the right money for the right car
  8. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  9. Had something like this in my last manta fits straight in
  10. Got one kicking around can take a photo tomorrow and post
  11. Have a kit like this for work ,they work well (not the best but work ok)
  12. Renault traffic has inner door handle clip for the N/S side door don’t think you can get them without the handle.
  13. All your photos dispersed yesterday,all back now.excellent work
  14. Have you used stainless steel screws and wax oil inside the doors to prevent rust
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