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  1. I did think that he will own that for a long time .What price whoud anyone put on it. It’s been for sale for some time at £10,000 £10,000 is a bit high,but what do l know it might be the right price
  2. The fist time l seen this listed it was at £60,000 .That was about 2 years ago
  3. It’s a 3/8 thread ( mini exhaust bobbin) is the same )
  4. It was not advertised. l put a wanted Opel manta on Facebook and got a reply As my Facebook things disappear after a bit Had a look but it not there Looked 100% mint Did get a few good leads , l am hopefully at getting a Opel Manta A after lockdown Will not be a done deal until l am standing in front of it and some cash has swap hands But things can change as we all know
  5. The is a white manta for sale in lreland The manta is a 100% clean,just been restored The paint on the underside is just as good on the top side The brake pipes as all polished ect That manta going for £16,000
  6. Any car no matter what it is ,is only worth what someone is will to pay The back manta may have been a one off ,someone got very excited on the bidding Dos anyone know how got the £21,000 manta, are they going “what the f##k l have done “ Can get a clean Capri (1.6 ) for around the £4,000/ £ 5,000 mark
  7. This is a breach of dater protection ,posting this on hear
  8. Possible deal on a manta A . Hopefully will work out after lockdown
  9. Surprise you only ended in gutter and not in someone’s front garden Had the 3.0 back in the day very tail happy and uncontrollable Someone in the club had a quick look and need swan necks poor repair, rear1/4s need repair and some more bits But did look nice
  10. I whoud not get a 3.0 / 2.8 Capri as they always end up in ditches or somewhere else they are not supposed to be
  11. Can get a nice Capri for £6/7000 mk3 cortina for about £7,500 The price of Capris MGB Rover P 6 has come down a fit bit You can get a Stag for £8,000 which is in good condition Escorts are still quite high in price
  12. I think people will put the manta up for £13,000 plus ,which has put out of my budget ,people who where looking for a manta will look elsewhere for the classic car Most of my cars back in the 80s was manta, cortina mk3 ,Capri, viva hc So with the price of mantas going up , will be looking for one of the above motors
  13. I am looking for a manta,but with the price going up and up not got that kind of money Will be looking for a Ford as the prices are more realistic
  14. Hi and welcome to the club In the process of getting information on a manta A just getting basic information, hopefully will get more information tomorrow evening Not giving to much information at this time
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