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  1. You have to put the important things first,everything else can wait
  2. Hi Carlos ,can you send to my works address, Have sent you a PM with my work address cheers Wayne
  3. I had trouble finding brackets for my last manta Fitting the Audi Dicsc was quite easy l did put some photos of the mod ,but it was about 3 years ago
  4. Hi Carlos. Have sent payment and address cheers mate
  5. Audi front discs,plus callipers,The brakes are like a modern day car Got this set up on sticky. The brakes are spot on A lot better with the rear drums fitted
  6. Hi Carlos Have you still got the N/S door mirror if let me know how to pay you cheers wayne
  7. On Sunday check things on sticky, found the heater motor inoperative checked the wiring, wiring ok, checked the switch, switch ok put 12 votes to the motor, motor working ok , Clean the wiring conditions, Fit it all back together and now working great Always the way when selling anything
  8. welcome to the club, l know all the information given out on here is the correct information Put a better engine in as the shell can take the extra power Many many years ago l put a Bedford 2.3 engine into a 1975 manta it was very quick
  9. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  10. No worries if you can’t get some will post some photos
  11. Is the tread a fine tread ,as Renault,Nissan flywheel bolts are a fine tread
  12. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  13. If you are looking for a 2.0 inlet manifold with all the bits on l have one And the name fits the car (as sticky fits my car)
  14. Sticky looking very clean and waiting for someone to show up Back it out of the garage remove the n/s door trim , found the wiring to the central locking snapped, repaired the wiring , checked the door again NO body filler in the door ,waxed oiled the door Had a little test drive (the last time was in May) Drives really well Just got a text saying he can’t make today
  15. When l check them l was a more than a bit lucky l got home , I heard a scraping noise when going in and out of the garage just happy that l have not used the manta as things may have gone tits up But l know that when someone else has it the brake drums are good If Sticky gets sold tomorrow so be it , but this is something l always wanted to do
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