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  1. When l removed the servo to clean and paint it found that it can be adjusted on the brake pedal so the pedal can up or down
  2. Only looking for a bit of trim to infill the sun roof.so a bit off cut will do as l thinking of a Clio sunroof in the future
  3. This is the inside of the sunroof, did not a photo of this when l was buying it ,note the fixing on the rear , So looking for some lining for this , Of to work now may get a chance to do something later on today
  4. I had to check it properly as it did not feel right, so glad that l pulled it apart before using it , will feel a lot better when the rear is checked When you get the time in rush as got a lot to check and refresh,will post some photos tomorrow just one more thing to sort out
  5. So in the winter months will be doing some more work on the manta Replace the radio,thermostat,inlet manifold,sort the wiring under the exhaust manifold,rear road springs. Clean ,paint the rear suspension fuel pump housing and what else l find Looking for some headliner just enough to cover the inner sun roof if anyone got a off cut kicking about ( just one more cock up got to correct) Will post some photos of the headliner required to make more clear
  6. Only just seen this, not fitted as yet. Hopefully will get to it in the next month ( with a bit of luck) Got some more stuff to do fist
  7. Think it has been removed.This manta is quite solid,but it’s been messed about very badly. Its lots of small stuff,best way to describe it ( f##k it that will do)like when l found a lot of body filler around the battery tray,which l though was in good condition Some times is very annoying that someone just cocked it up
  8. The photos do not show the inner wings.chassis engine bay the main things that you whoud look for
  9. Have just found a owner manual for a manta A ,l was going to buy one some time back
  10. Did not clean it properly or prepare,just a 2 minute spray to check if any good.Will be better prepared ect
  11. You will find most parts on here that you require and lots of help
  12. Welcome to the club.Very nice car is the much to do
  13. Just done a test on plastic,come out okay,was thinking of using them as a centre cap if l use the 16 inch steel rims
  14. Not being silly, any advice is welcome and much appreciate
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