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  1. So tonight planted the idea that the cbr650f is not safe on the road with me riding it “may be you sell it a get a car” .Me “no way love that bike”. This just my work ???
  2. The is a 1993 1.8 hatch on gumtree for wait for it £22,950 (not a mistake we’ll by me ) I think he will be having that one for so time
  3. I used lot of small parts from Renault/Nissan on my manta for cables wiring ect just made it that much neater
  4. Was going to New Zealand back in the 90s ,had a GTE 2.0 coupe was going to take with me but all went wrong ,so stuck in this country
  5. If your one has not sold for £9,500 (which is excellent condition) And don’t forget the is MOT and tex free l don’t think he get near that £12,000 mark
  6. Mix it so the oil freely though. Normally about 40% petrol 60% oil
  7. If you mix oil with petrol then pour into the cable, it will be thin enough run down inside then when the petrol evaporates the oil will be left inside the cable, It will be well lubed
  8. Put Stainless steel hoses on ,make the brakes feel better
  9. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  10. I use a heat gun and scrapes,which worked very well But it depends how thick the paint is ,but give it a go as it’s a lot cleaner
  11. Looking like a excellent start to 2020 for your family, Have missed the updates on the old rust bucket Best of luck with everything
  12. I use a wire brush on a drill brings them up nice and shiny then a bit of wax
  13. That screw At the top is looking a bit rusty
  14. And l just bought a cbr650f, so no spare cash to get one May and try to sell in the summer, but as you know when you see one by the time l sold the bike the manta will be sold
  15. So do l ,normally you don’t see one like what you got And to make is worse it’s just about in my price range Got to start saving up
  16. Really gutted about this as l have just got a cbr650f (3 weeks ago) so got no money at this time This is the type of manta l am looking for
  17. Got central heating in the garage ,it’s not that big but 15 degrees inside -3 degrees out side Very snug to work in , no manta yet but got a plan Looking ok to me ,
  18. Hi and welcome to the club Your English is very good, and as long as can unstated you will fine Looking rust free as well
  19. Gutted on this what more is there to say
  20. Go the pud and let them go and explore
  21. Women are very devious and get the things they want just had me out in the garden adjusting the sensor on the light Cold and dark
  22. Got a smart changer on my bike (had one on the bandit for years as never got used) Only ever had 3 batteries in 17 years and most years only covered 150 miles or no miles Got mine from Aldi for about £14/15 pounds Have got one on the cbr650f at this time working spot on
  23. It’s coming up with the name Stephen Legg l am missing something Now sorted out Clicked on the name and changed the name to my name ect
  24. Have tried to renew my membership, coming up with incorrect details Can anyone from admissions help , This happened the last time as well
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