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  1. The is a new one on eBay for about £10.50
  2. You will have give the heads up just before is on the TV Do you know of the manta that they did
  3. That’s looking good . Did paint a Manta in my garage ( sticky) very little room on the side Doing the o/s rear 1/4 look ok move back a bit , turn on the tap,water all over the paint which was still wet Not happy .had to do it all again
  4. Don’t sell the manta keep it ,you have waited this long just hang onto it , if you do you will want £4,000 to £4,500 if he wants it he will pay as we all know the the coupe will sell for a lot more
  5. Do your manta, if you let it go and you see it done you will be gutted , plus the extra money you will pay out will get your manta sorted
  6. Had a look can’t find , when l get more time will start digging around
  7. Might have one in the work shop will have a look in the morning
  8. Have got the gas fire removed and the water leak sorted.Am trying to get a roof lantern done,have got someone to come out,but no joy at this time.
  9. Will have a look at the rims when l get a chance ,but got me head up my arse at this time
  10. Have you got a next door web ( local tradespeople) page, as l have got a excellent service from someone on there
  11. Don’t know about the offset , all l can say is that is about 1/2 inch from the shocker As we are no moving now , l am now carrying out lots of work on the house,so little time to work on the manta lf l have time will put on a wheel and do some photos The wheels are from a mk5 Clio
  12. Forgot to say that the wheels are free , no charge. l have 5 wheels, one has some scratches on the outer rim ,but not badly scratched
  13. Have got some steel wheels ( from a Clio) Will need a clean, will check that the is no major damage Will have to be picked up from Liverpool, just by the M63 junction 5
  14. Welcome to the club.the information on will good and correct.Looking forward to seeing some photos
  15. Post some photos when done.or when he’s doing it
  16. Have switched the bulb for that one that works.was thinking that the circuit inside the dash clock not connected to the bulb holder
  17. Got no oil light working. Have swap it for another working bulb. Still not working any one know what direction to go. Not really arse about the light as the pressure. clock works
  18. The house sale did not happen,so staying put.Will be doing some work on the house so the work on the manta will that a back seat for a bit Have been trying to work out what is the best way to secure the bolts to the headlights. Have tried a few things did not work Got some brake pipe ,flattened it out and secured a nut to the brake pipe It worked out okay, will secure the studs on the nuts when Dont look very pretty but are solid on the brake pipe What will be the length of the spring If the is to much play in the adjustment studs will screw into the headlight brackets to remove the xs play
  19. Any car is only worth what someone is willing to pay The black GTE was well over priced ( ln my opinion) It might have been his.hers fist car so the price does not matter if only one person is ready interested they get a cheep car
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