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  1. Tonight refitted the spot lights to the bumper and rework the wiring Painted the underside of the bonnet Will wax oil the front chassis legs before l refit the bumper The wife has some time off looking after her mum so may not get a lot done over the next week or so Will remove the masking as don’t need the masking tape hard to come off and damage the paint
  2. Clamp off all brake hoses and check the brake pedal lf the pedal is ok remove one clamp at a time and recheck the padal , refit clamp and try the one by one If the panal goes down when one clamp remove this may be the circuit, line that is a fault
  3. Had a look on eBay and found one that may fit ,but l will have to remove the blank Cheers lan for the heads up
  4. I painted the manta the wrong colour and got the wrong kind of paint as well had to start all over again Got it the right colour now
  5. I am after a thing that screws into the top hose housing on a 2.0 Sri engine l think it is a 8 mm tread looks something like what’s in the photo can be straight out
  6. Had a quick check tonight miss a bit on the front bumper, mix a small bit of paint and that’s sorted Paint still a bit soft in the mixing pot so going to level it alone Have keep one sticker on the front bumper (just as a bit of the past history) Done a photo of the masking up under the bonnet which l think is very neat The bonnet is looking good as well
  7. I have one fitted to sticky can get a photo tomorrow night if any help
  8. Just hope that the rest of the car doesn’t look bad
  9. Tonight masked up the engine bay one and haft hours ,forgot to that a photo as the masking up looks really good Painted the bonnet and front bumper its the best paint job l have done, Was getting a lot of orang peal ,then all of a sudden the paint gun started to work spot on Not going into the garage for the next 2 days But so far looking excellent As for the coolant hose that goes to the throttle body it goes to the thermostat housing ,which is blanked off
  10. Have you checked the the rear clylinders are correct, has the new clylinders got a bigger diameter (bore) If it’s a bigger bore the brakes will be poor
  11. Not done anything to sticky today ,have been to the daughters house replaced taps , making steps and so on Forget to say that l got rear wash, wiper working.Well pleased with that
  12. Have a 2.0 Sri 130 engine in the manta ( aka Sticky) Had to remove the throttle body to free of the idle bolt.it has a water hose going to the body but the other side is block of engine runs fine, water temperature ok Does any one know where the other bit gets plumed into The one with the tool in lf you look at the photo can see where the hose has a bolt blocking it of at the top of the photo Any one got a cam belt cover they are willing to sell
  13. Remove the throttle body as the idle adjust was sized (all sort out ) The engine is a 2.0 Sri 130 8 value It has a coolant hose going to the throttle body but one is blocked off (on the 2.0 chi engine it go’s to a T piece heater hose ) Put some sound dreading on the bulk head (as the exhaust runs down that side it seams a bit loud) Flattened polish the front panel it has come up really well Refitted the headlights, lights all work Put the front bumper on lt looked bad , l thought the front bumper was ok but put it against the front panel and wings not so good So after wiring up the spot lights up have to cut the wiring to remove the lights. made a start on the bumper.Hope to paint in the week
  14. Is it an injection or a carbs.l have some injections somewhere if needed let me know
  15. I think it will come together when the paper is removed and the covers on the bulk head are clean up , get all the bits on headlights in front bumper on ,spot light wired up then l think l will be getting somewhere Got to clean that engine as well
  16. Today painted the inner wings, front panel put some paint on the o/s door looking like it has not reattached The inner wings where very easy to do l don’t think l get any points for masking up A few hours to mask up ,haft hour to paint The front panel has a few bits in it but will polish out
  17. Had a quick look at the paint tonight looking good, l am going to give one more coat of paint Going to the paint shop tomorrow and getting more paint, harder , thinner Was going to use a rattle can but going to use proper paint as it covers better
  18. I hope this makes sense run the engine to temp with out the air filter on Build the revs to about 3,000 rpm using the throttle linkage under the bonnet When the revs are about 3,000 rpm ,place your hand (palm side on top of the crab where the air filter goes on) When you do this it drags out any bits inside the crab, Do not let it cut out , play with the throttle to keep the engine going ,if the engine cuts out can be a bit of a bugger to restart
  19. Welcome to the club.you will get the correct information and get a lot of encouragement from people in the club. l have had a lot of information and encouragement on here
  20. Will find out on Friday bit of a blow in on the door Then is the bonnet left to to do I am going back to the paint shop and get a rattle can to do the inner wings Was not going to do the inner wings but now the are looking a scruffy Give the covers for heater motor ect a good clean
  21. Thanks for information,for some reason l thought is was a 1.8 engine l will adjust my search
  22. It’s HYCOTE white primer ,got it from eBay 2 cans for £9 10 covers ok Tonight painted the front panel and the edges of inner wings So l have banned myself from the garage until Friday ,as if l go in there l will mass with some things
  23. Has anyone got a cam belt cover for a 1.8 Sri engine for sale Is the top part that l am after
  24. Got some more primer today so have primed the front panel. Might get the front panel painted tomorrow night then l can get the headlights,front bumper back on Start cleaning the engine bay up Has anyone got a cam belt cover for a 1.8 Sri engine
  25. Just doing the cover makes it look a lot sharper ,cleaner and at very little cost l do like some thing that looks spotless for little cost
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