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  1. Having small knocks and ding’s is natural as is a car which is 40/45 years old Is not a new car out of the Opel dealership The chrome is looking excellent
  2. Strip the motor down,used a wire wheel on a drill.Remove the rust Rub down with 240 grit paper,then go to wet/ dry paper until you get the light lines out Then rub down with 1000 wet/ dry paper,then use a metal polish ( l used Autosol) Finish of with a polishing wheel until you are happy with the end result I finish by sealing it Is will take so time to do dut the results are excellent
  3. This is what I did to the wiper motor on one of previous mantas, will be doing this to the manta l have
  4. Never used super glue on the screen as it crack,shatter the screen so l am told
  5. I think that if l glue it on the screen will have to be removed, unless l can figure a way that the connector will not get glued to the screen seal. Maybe put a piece of thin plastic between the connector and the seal.
  6. Yes the clock is working, wiring the clock up to a battery to check for a couple of days. Full of cold so playing in the garage
  7. Welcome back l was looking for 18 months,then had to wait 3 months to get it from lreland It May take time to find one
  8. You see some £20,000 price tag on some Mantas and think what’s been done If l had the spare cash l whoud happy to pay £25,000 plus for something like this The repair ( going by the photos) is top quality
  9. Got a bit more done today Wiring for the radio,clock cig lighter done properly Got to get some speaker wiring , To do that will remove the seats,carpet so l can run the wiring proper. The rest of the dashboard back in The tab on the heated rear screen has sapped of and gone missing , So l think this my work. Got no feed to the rear screen. Will check that out later
  10. Only done about 1/2 tonight. Got the clock,cigarette lighter wire up and working, Got to run the wiring correctly Time for whiskey
  11. It’s a bit snug in the garage can’t open the door a lot ,so when doing the work in the inside the car getting in and out of the manta can be a bit of a tight. Will do a bit more tomorrow night
  12. So started doing a about 1 hour a night Carried out wiring repair to the rear heated screen switch Found the cover for the steering column required attention, repair the cover. The headlights are doing me head in can’t get the adjustment right
  13. Thanks for In information eveo A new year a new approach to the manta 1 hour after work ( hopefully) Going out today so ask the bride how long to get ready about 2 hours So done a dit to the manta Was feeling a bit worried about removing the bumper as the rear 1/4 panels not in the best condition, so remove the bumper, the the 1/4 on o/s n./ s in excellent condition ( result ) when l removed the bumper found the spacers on the rear 1/4s Now have a spare one . Have fitted the bumper l got Going back to original look sort off. The bumper needs a repaint Hopefully tomorrow night will fit the rear fog lights, will post photos of the fog lights tomorrow
  14. Well is a new year and no difference really, still not going to get the time l need for the manta but in it for the long haul
  15. Hi Hermam .what’s the cost of the 3 lights .Only need one
  16. Happy Christmas,did you get your manta into the body shop
  17. Hope everyone has a good Christmas and a year of manta happiness
  18. If you look on Irish blue have put details on there. the difference is amazing
  19. All you have to do is remove the top part of the dash cover The bulbs are on the top of clocks
  20. Looking for a number plate light for a exclusive, only need one Also looking for standard front,rear road springs l think lowed springs are fitted to my manta
  21. Replace the standard bulbs for LED in the dash of my manta.the difference is amazing
  22. If a battery is kept in a dry cold place it will last for years
  23. They are batteries l have kicking about, which are all good but the RAC/ AA said they need replacing so we don’t argue with the customer as we all know that the RAC,AA are always right
  24. Got the bulbs from eBay T5 LED dashboard lights 10 bulbs cost is £4.59 from high perform_uk Sorry don’t know how put the page on hear
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