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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. I had Astra seats fitted to sticky,the seat sliding handle is on the o/s of the seat ,a bit snug to work
  3. This is the type of manta I was looking for last year,but the garage may be going Was sticky one of your cars
  4. J reg manta has popped up on eBay 99 p start will be interesting to see how much this one goes for
  5. When l carried out this brake mod l got the hubs turned down so if the discs needed to be replaced at any time it will be a straight fit Got a guide made so l could drill the holes 100% correct Have. Ot photos on this ipad
  6. Are you getting a full repaint or blow ins
  7. Looking very good,it’s a good job that the rest of the car has been repaired to a high standard as the door card,trim sill stand out
  8. Someone has got more cheek than me £50 bid
  9. It will not go for £100 if it does happy day Don’t know what l am going to do with it (if by some fate l get it) fingers doing stuff without the brains working
  10. 1984 sliver hatch on eBay Have put a cheeky bid of £100 roof , front panel, have got corroded, will be more to do
  11. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  12. The door cards ,trim are going to look new , well documented lan
  13. That’s what l said until someone makes a silly offer (on a red coupe l had) Should never have sold it ( then that’s what everyone says)
  14. Just shows the difference between a coupe and a hatch on the price
  15. Hi and welcome What makes you think that it is beyond you if you have a look at lans project the car was beyond saving,and now looking 100% You will get a lot of information, and someone is near you they will come along and help you I have sold my Manta because l may be losing my garage Have a good think before you let it go
  16. Living in hope,Still don’t know about the garage yet It’s not 100 % it’s going to get done ,but will have wait a bit see what will happens But l am going to get a motorcycle in the winter
  17. Been reading though the last post , One more tip for anyone starting a make over on a manta is clean out your work space Once the manta was gone l clean up the garage Found sanding discs (which whoud have been a big help) a worm ( a old speedo cable, used for putting wiring though body) , wiring loom and more For anyone who this is the first one give yourself a lot of time to carry out the work and most of all enjoy the experience if it gets to much SELL IT TO ME
  18. Working on a ramp makes life so much easier Getting a bit jealous , you don’t need 2 mantas ,excellent work carried out ,
  19. The photos of the cats are good, it gives a small insight into your life
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