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  1. DaveyC

    GTE Auto....??

    Oh no Dave I'm not gonna discount the hatch, how soon is it looking to be finished... I'll definately like to have a look and or get 1st refusal if can, I'm in no rush either and a recommendation always good.... Many thanks and let me know as and when up for a look...
  2. DaveyC

    GTE Auto....??

    Hey Paul... Think you right about most going other way, guess I should put shout out for Manta Auto box and see what's laying around... Also, sounds like You got WAY to many Griffin's to me and think maybe its about time you thought of at the very least move that GTE on.... I know Just the guy who might be up for that.... LMAO.... Just wanted to get some better insider info on whether a red top would take an auto, and whether it Has Actually been done. Guess I'm breaking ground with this one, special circumstances and all, was hoping later engines hadn't got to clever ECU's that need to talk to gearbox's to work, and blocks and bellhousings were a fit.... Rapierdave.... Hi there.... South Wales rep eh, cool and very handy. Do you guys have meets, if so when and where. I went to show on front at Weston and again at Helicopter Museum meet hoping to brain pick this year, should a gone to the one near Yate was it... Yes seen your other post, sorry if I'm everywhere on this one, hence the scatter gun, but wanted to cast net as wide as poss.... Was really looking to replace my long lost Coupe, yes it would be wouldn't it, haven't worked out how to post my old pics but sure I'll get there... So yes a coupe be preferred..... Might have to re think though given limiting options eh....
  3. Hi there All.... Well I know this is a big ask, but am looking for an Auto GTE, to scratch a VERY long standing itch. Unicorns aside, if any one would like to part with one, or knows where one of these Unicorns may be hiding/sleeping and could point me in ANY direction i would be very much appreciate. Why the Auto, well im a permanent wheelchair user and can only drive auto's. Ive seen in other posts that perhaps these mythical beasts are out there and do indeed exist but the ONLY one i saw at all, was on Car&Classic about 4 years ago in Ireland, and missed it while i was sorting out life's crap. im guessing im not gonna be getting much choice on budget but as long as its straight, so am I. As an Ex Engineer id love to build one, but my spannering days are pretty much done, and i never got round to learning how to welding, so turn key would be preferred, although a project would definitely be considered. Talking of projects the another option would be to convert a Manual to Auto and that's fine to, as im sure you'd all know how to walk (ha ha) or talk me through the what's, where's and how's. As any work would have to be outsourced, option 3 would be to have one built, could anyone suggest/recommend a Manta buff that would, or does take on such things so i could investigate.... Many Thanks... Dave...
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