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  1. Looks like it’s just rolled end, And sprung. very fancy, but cable just fits in middle slot.
  2. Welcome back! cant really comment on your car, although it does not look good from the car checker system. Reg not even found. so it could hpbe hold up in a garage from a while before SORN requirement, or it has gone to scrap 😥
  3. It’s only me paying so it don’t matter I guess, oh wait a sec let me think 🤔 🙈🙈
  4. Indeed, just a shame I cant see it in the flesh. They think they will get it all finished, including the shuts etc and back together for when I get back home end of themonth, coincidentally its my birthday so it would great to be able yo take it for a spin, even with its measly 90bhp 💪
  5. It’s funny all the repair panels I have for the Black exclusive repair are all cut off early cars lol. Guess mine will be a hybrid 😁
  6. Time has come (well space has come). Final prep, primer and then will be going into paint. Feels like end is in sight now. Turns out after it’s been triple checked the silver that was on the car from previous, was not as per original code. A fair few shades lighter 🤔
  7. Found this whilst looking about, might be someone’s cup of tea 🤔 Chaps name & phone number in pictures.
  8. So progress has been a little slow as had a bit of paid work on the go, and now getting ready to get back at it properly (Holland). Been working on the B205 Lump. New shells installed, although this is a very well looked after engine and has had regular oil changes. Very little carbon build up. And delete the balance shafts. They are left in, but locked up against the gear drive bearing block (shim washer does the trick here), with a blanking plate fitted in place of the chain tensioner. Then have been looking at the ecu. I have purchased a used ‘combi adapter’ so that I can change the map within the SAAB ECU. Takes a little getting used to and a fan setting up the USB due to driver restrictions in win10, but it’s connecting to a spare T5.5 ecu now and allowing me to dump the Map, read settings etc. This is will allow me to pretty much manipulate the T5 to run as a stand alone management on the SAAB lump. Or another lump if the DIS is used with HT leads, found this whilst I was looking about at other figments, that is interesting for sure.
  9. He should just ask 15k for it! Or 20k if that what the guy wants. Only he knows what would pry it out of his hands, I just can’t get my head around the no price thing.
  10. As said by a lot of people on the FB page, it’s not really for sale as the owner is just fishing for (big)offers. unless someone posts a price, then most of the time they will only sell if a stupid offer is made. 🤯
  11. Think a bit of confusion what that part is for. swapping rear axle to Volvo or 4Ha is a lot of work and requires chassis modifications for extra suspension link points. Maybe this will not pass in Spain? anyway, you can 5stud a Nanta rear axle if you have the hubs added a few pictures ( stolen from google 😁)to help show what we are talking about. Pic1 upgraded torque shaft is red arrow and runs through the tube to connect with diff .
  12. Rear axle should be ok with the power from that engine. The weak link in the axle is the. Torque tube, and that can be upgraded with a special part from German dude. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OPEL-CIH-verstärkte-Deichselwelle-Hinterachse-Ascona-Manta-A-B-Kadett-C-GT-1000/283463128403?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  13. Condition is not bad! that 6 cylinder block looks weird stripped, gives illusion it is too shallow 😁
  14. Thanks Herman. Andy if you could spare 4pcs I could buy off you ?
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