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  1. Same bolt pattern. They can have Jets changed to match. The largest is a 40mm but very rare. The 38 is relatively easy to get hold of and parts plentiful. Can be had in automatic choke variant or manual kit. Was the first carb I changed on my old 1.9 back in the 90's. Although I never had it re-jet so it black smoked a bit 😬😂
  2. Another option for a carb upgrade onto the std manifold is off a Ford V6 38DGAS
  3. I was chatting to a mate last night who rally a MK2 escort now and then, but over the years has helped me loads with loads of bits. We got on carbs etc and something he pointed out , that us probably common knowledge already but worth pointing out. The Weber Carbs you buy in pairs need to be as close to production run the better and avoid newer Spain built ones.
  4. You use it to reply to a particular point as above . Just click the QUOTE button on the persons post you want to reply to.
  5. It is, just stood upright for picture, look at the flange 🙂 Indeed it's the way forward with the CIH engine for sure. Jenvey do those Weber looking Bodies too, so it could look old school, but be very smart setup. 👍
  6. If you want a Weber carb, their is a manifold for the Opel GT CIH ENGINE that uses a single DCOE carb. If it was my money, that is only option I would do, or convert to injection from a GTE ( simplistic conversion).
  7. Hi Adam, may your grandfather rest in peace mate.
  8. You might need to message the seller as it does not show Orings in pic, but he dies state;
  9. Work well mate, I prefer Dellorto over Webber's too.p, however not as many people carry the jets etc for tuning, but better carb for progression and road use(drivability ) and IMO they don't go off balance as much. however very tight against the Brake Servo, Master cylinder. You can get away with a short trumpet on Dellorto . Same issue with the XE too, carbs sit about same position as the manifold for the CIH is longer. Other option is relocate the servo & master cylinder forwards to behind the headlight, and use a rod / tube. Very common on MK2 escorts. pic shows the 6 , but the carb sat next to the Servo highlights issue correctly. @ANDY ABBOTT has some pics of his on carbs that might help you too.
  10. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  11. They are what the clamp sits on to the injector body as per pic.
  12. I did my test and passed in snow, the reverse around a corner was a challenge. I had convinced myself after that I had failed and was pretty mad at the examiner for making me do it in the particular location that had had zero traffic . I obviously passed, and the comments of pdf the examiner was quiet amusing at the end. He could not believe I did not give up or hit the Kerb haha
  13. Ty for offer Ian, sure someone will be along shortly with the most obvious place that I somehow missed as usual 🤣 think it's a great idea to print these little parts as they are bloody expensive. Think it was €30 for 10 iirc
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