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  1. Good to hear. what grit did you use?
  2. Yeah it was to force the air through the core of the rad front of the car rather then let it circulate hot engine bar air
  3. Had something similar passed down to me years ago by an avid mk2 rally chap who was friends of the family. balancing and setting of idle on twin dcoe carbs. Problem is now I would not trust my hearing !
  4. That is issue with the that cellulose, it lifts all sorts of stuff. you more than likely would have not the issue with the 2pack
  5. that is the way I have always done it. Knock it back and new gloss. Don't forget for a flash coat, you thin a little more than previously to get that very deep gloss look.
  6. Sent you a PM about this. I want it as a daily
  7. Anyone have a rear axle (or conversion) available?
  8. Good Job! 2pack gives a far better build (thickness) and you should be ok to get those minor runs machine polished out. I used to know a guy that would just use a block and some P400 to get the ridges off then machine polish the surface back to the gloss, but I have never attempted this myself.
  9. Where did you get yours done Andy? an indicative price would help too 👍
  10. Yeah, needs to be Ecoated after iirc.
  11. Was you not tempted to get the body dipped to strip it completely?
  12. Ok I done a deal on this. It needs stripping and some repairs for sure plus a fair few beer tokens. its tatty, dirty and has some odd bits on it, random paint and wrap in places. but all the bits it comes with clinched it for me. redtop engine with bits and Ecuador, alloy big wing sump etc, plus getrag 1.8 bell housing, orig bonnet, alloys and rear seats. has loads of smaller panels, and once I get it home will be getting shell stripped for dipping and repairs. So if anyone wants to step forwards for this work or we got any recommend ppl from the club drop me a message. i will start a project post/log as soon as it’s home.
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