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  1. In the immortal words of the Chemical Brothers 'my finger is on the button' 🙈🤣
  2. Indeed mate. I really like this too, but I would be buying to use the shell essentially 😬
  3. I looked at these before, but did not realise it was the same setup. I thought it similar, but wow
  4. That's great to hear ! icing on the cake 😎 Looking forwards to seeing it with them fitted.
  5. I dare say it's a better finish now than when it was new! I guess you found some bumpers then?
  6. Was it just the blades or the arms too Ian ?
  7. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  8. I got a new one from a chap on FB. Anthony Drosos in Greece if you need to find him, sell all sorts of original parts. Not cheap though at €86 inc postage. Part number in pic if you want to try other source
  9. It's in the pic above mate, runs off the camshaft just behind the oil filler cap , in front of the carb.
  10. Picture of mine attached, not great but give you an idea perhaps
  11. Is patched underneath though. If room had not been cut, I would be having a go with that.
  12. Ascona back end is different to Manta
  13. 1.8 only has supply. Only Injection has fuel return you might need to look into the hole where pump fits as it has a cam that drives the fuel pump, make sure that has not ground to nothing. Failing that, you can remove just the top cam box cover on the 1.8 to see the camshaft, this will let you see the fuel pump running on the camshaft lobe when turning engine over (don't start the car though, just remove the coil HT lead to no spark or something) as it dies flick oil about if it's runs high rpm. Keep fingers out the box when turning engine over !!
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