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  1. It's like putting an XE in an Escort, yes it's a good fit and great engine but omg
  2. White with red 😎
  3. Front of Shell is a hell of a lot lighter to lift off the subframe/engine/gearbox. And definitely safer than trying to angle and engine with gearbox back into engine bay.
  4. My 78 SRB Auto had the sports type
  5. Bring them onto front wings like escort Xpac and it would look right
  6. It's like that yeah, really hard to get them seamed without a little warping.
  7. Very nice, looks like you got no buckling in that eitherπŸ‘
  8. Good stuff, do you mean commodore front hubs? Monza was on struts
  9. Posted sone pics of the length and shifter location of the RX8 6speed (5 is a tiny bit shorter). I think I would be going for a cut & weld bell housing to mate to the V8, far cheaper. I found (can't find now ofc) a locost method was to put the gearbox onto a spit so it rotate around input shaft and a fixed output tube over the splines for output. Then a frame to carry the angle grinder and once started clamped down. Just rotate the whole gearbox to get the cutting disc to chop off the RX8 bell housing. Think it was about 3" but it's best to match the best place based on both bell housings diameter as to match the best place to cut.
  10. Yeah, how many 'rally 400' cars have not been re-shelled over the years, very few I suspect.
  11. It certainly would be a beast
  12. Think I would be dropping the shell onto a 4wd floor pan at this stage 😁
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