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  1. Looks good. Coming along nicely. Not seen or done any Brazing for years!
  2. Interesting, but a lot of work. There are still axle options out there. Steel torque tube with upgraded shaft is good for 300bhp they claim. After this a different axle is worthwhile.
  3. Interesting project, been looking at those bmw rear setups wondering if anyone ever fitted 👍
  4. Green cable on the coil plugs with a kind of double plug is tacho
  5. Fair play Andy, I know a lot of chaps are definitely routing for you to save this 1.
  6. Definitely onto Jig mate. I suspect it will just be panelling then. Repaired my nates Silver GTE that was very similar back in the late 1990s although we had 3other cars for spares at that time! If anything I can help you with let me know, nowt is for sale, but if you get stuck drop me a message and see if I can help with the parts.
  7. Nice words for Stu, Hey and welcome to the club too 👍
  8. Sr20det is cranking unit. Plenty of option to tune too. But what about 1uz lump, seem fairly plentiful in SA?
  9. Just remember, you can tweak the timing advance a little as it's fairly conservative based on the old fuel. Will allow it to pick up a bit , whilst keeping Well away from 'pinking ' so long as your not buying super turd unleaded lol
  10. Great picture, seems tighter with a V8 than I expected though. Still thinking V8 for my Ascona A, but worried about space now 🤔
  11. That brilliant mate. Struggled to get on to see much the last week, but OMG what a pleasant post to come back too. Everything looks really solid under there, just shows bad sunroofs are to the skin. Great pics too, bonus. Looking forwards to the next batch.👍
  12. Not looking too promising. Last V5 was in 2001 & tax (or sorn) 2003. It is most likely gone In my experience with such dates, however there are occasions when it's in an older gentleman's shed who just never got to grips with the Digital Sorn requirements
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