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  1. Doh if only you had of said 🤔 Pistons are No good for a 2,4 crank, nothing really from bottom end of any use apart from sprocket. I just had a message about sone other bits, so might not need to break this at all. I know gearbox is fubar and it has no brakes either, but engine is sweet. Nothing will be decided anyway for a week or two due to work.
  2. If a good replica can do 50-60 I am not surprised it did not sell at £60K.
  3. Might take a look when I have time off to get it up on the ramp, but probably better examples out there to save from the external bits I have seen
  4. Ah. Explains why I can only find 1 Alu side on eBay 😂
  5. Did you want the car or just the Engine Buzz?
  6. No your right I do have the head, but I was missing a few other bits and happened on the who,e thing - stupid car attached 🤦🏻‍♂️ Although doing 2 at the same time is an option now 🤔🙈 was thinking more of a spare. You started something now mate......🤓
  7. So otherside is still pressed steel?
  8. Alloy is only for one side ? 🤔
  9. Only for the 16v head conversion mate, although maybe park it in the corner of the yard and hope no one hassles me about it for a few years 😂
  10. I happened upon something last week, was delivered back yesterday - managed to pop down to the garage to see it running extremely sweet. Sounds lovely, 70k auto engine grandad been pottering about in it, then was parked up. Obviously I only want certain bits off the engine 😬😂
  11. Well GL mate, will not be me bidding against you 👍
  12. Definitely mate, closer to 75k is a realistic expectation
  13. I think for big money you need to be at a well known auction house, buyers need the confidence
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