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  1. Indeed as others have commented, but take it easy! Even when you think you might be mended, you might not be as strong as you think.
  2. Hmm, ask him if he would like to sell it
  3. Thanks David, much appreciated. I have 17" rims, so plenty of room. I do need to change the front brakes for MOT on the Silver Coupe as they are seized and discs are too far gone. I am not adverse to modding some discs, just wanted to follow the KISS approach. When are you likely to get some more discs back in stock? Obviously its the calipers (or rather the brackets ) that are proving to be a challenge at this moment in time.Get calipers- then get discs to match So - Still looking for some calipers please
  4. Actually I might have some. Seems the Saab 9-3 1998 donor I have is 288mm front Vectra B callipers. Lots of capliers are the same, seems it’s the brackets that differ to make the spacing. However I would still like some bolt on Astra/cavalier callipers to make use of the 246mm vented discs.
  5. That’s mate, I will go with a bit more trick on Black coupe, but for silver I want something just bolt on. so The Carlton Disc option, plus bolt on callipers. On ebay plenty of new callipers, just no bracket/sliders 😒
  6. Thanks Evo, I read the threads about callipers. think I used Volvo callipers years ago with a spacer I bought to use rather Vented discs. but thought someone might have a pair of callers in better condition kicking about they would like to sell. And not actually that many on eBay.🤔
  7. Hi Mick, thanks for trying. however I still can't open it. you can use https://www.filehosting.org/ as then everyone will be able to take advantage of your assistance
  8. Looking for some left over parts that someone might have lying about surplus to their plans. Front brake upgrade Calipers, if it will fit with the Carlton 2.2 vented disc brilliant, but open to suggestions.
  9. I can't open the PDF either. just get the following; This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. Error code: 2C171/1
  10. Looking forwards to the pics for sure 👍
  11. WOW My first stated life looking like that back almost 28years ago! And its a coupe! brilliant
  12. Not off the top of my head, no. But no reason to even think that is it! It probably ended up getting weighed in for a few quid of scrap money, that is what hurt the most
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