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  1. If Matt can draw one that might be good enough, but yeah to scan it for production it needs to be mint. As it's so small, it's too hard to clean up a scan of a doggy one
  2. Great stuff, I would say it's the best decision
  3. I had a fairly good one I thought, but the lad said we need a perfect one to scan 🀷🏻
  4. Yeah, not much room there to get a good look down the panels as you move down, so it will be difficult. Bloody great results so far πŸ‘
  5. I have been looking for 2 years Matt. All I need is 1 NOS or extremely good condition used one so I can get them scanned and 3D printed, but omg these are rare things πŸ™ˆ
  6. Dash is not a big job, it's finicky mostly. Main fixings are just slacken and slide it out, but them hoses can be a pig. Glass rubber has a lip that sits over so don't trap it.
  7. Exactly, 3K is a low end respray - they will skip on some prep, not do galleys etc , so your definitely likely to do a better job yourself.
  8. I used to know a painter that did not go for a gloss finish at all. He painted in a hut that was built on the back of a large shed he used to prep. When they first came out of the paint, they looked dog ruff. But after he spent the time with flatting and polishing, they all looked like glass ! It might be nostalgia , but I still think he had the best finishes I ever seen. And a little run means you got some thickness of paint at least. Better a run then a thin coat? But it's looking good imo anyway, got a nice glossy finish
  9. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  10. A few good bits on the engine though 😁
  11. Sadly need new ones as they have gone walkabouts πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Used the conductive glue in the past, but as the glass is out, good chance I can solder it. Takes a bit of faffing about with hot air gun and high watt soldering gun. Chance of failure is high πŸ˜‚
  12. Very nice indeed, and I get the name too, kind of πŸ˜€ Shame the trade embargo was on so no B's was sent there as they do seem to fair well away from the coast.
  13. Thanks chaps. Finished off the wheels today. Now sat on 235/40R17 rears, 215/40R17 fronts. thought I would get it outside 😎 Hope to try and get the replacement screen and rear fitted (I need to solder the heated screen tabs back on first 😬) . Started to replace the brake pipes today, but that's about all. I need new washer jets - can't seem to find them now, any pointers?
  14. Tyres had arrived whilst I been away with work, so today took the rears to get set. 235/40R17 if anyone was wondering and as measured previously fit lovely on the rear axle 😎 it's like the Manta was way ahead of its time with arch size. But remember the overall diameter of these wheels is still only ~30mm larger than 195/60R14 STD GTE rim size (speedo will read 4.8% high) . That's 15mm from hub centre. Still plenty of room IMHO. Current pic shows the 235 fitted to front too, but will fit the 215s as my arms are not quite the size of Dwayne Johnson's πŸ˜‚ plus we know they would fowl at lock, but just on for effect 😎😎 Did speak to a chap that can high resolution 3D print and might make some covers with blitz logo like the GTE rims to cover the bolts (new skinny bolts are awesome btw), will see how I feel. Semi Forged rims and new modern tyres, so a weight saving too. Looks like it should be lowered 1" now, but it will stay as is as all the springs are new from a matched kit. Still a few bits to do, but now wondering if I should even put the Berlinetta decals onπŸ€” Underside as said has all been steam cleaned a couple of times now so it's really honest with what can be seen. I do not like under body Shultz black 'hide the poor repairs', but I may invest in having it done in U-Pol Raptor, as my 400 shell floors (inside &out) was done in it and it's excellent stuff. Something is needed now for sure as it's down to bare metal in places as the steam cleaning pressures from these big industrial machines is crazy, strips everything. I dare say with enough time you could virtually strip a whole shell.
  15. Grasses always greener springs to mind mate. The issue is all that lovely under seal can be hiding lots of nasties. I would always say you need to leave a 3-4K restoration pot no matter what. 3-4K is not a lot of any one thing, but it's fixing those swan kneck properly as we know patching the outer skin is only 25% of the issues usually. For its money I would want restoration pictures showing exactly what was under the repairs. How would you feel pumping more cash to change up to this at auction and then finding it still needs Β£3K to put it right for long term ? if that would be a deal breaker, then you have your answer.
  16. Thanks I will dig the web see if I can see what they should be. But usually with steels the ET is stamped on them between studs or on legs
  17. Tried all sorts mate, the good ones are just in such demand they have full books, so having to go with tier2 type trades. Whilst quality would be good, it's just getting these types to turn up !
  18. Been having same issue getting tradesmen to show up at new property, at thus rate it will be 6months before it's done πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
  19. What is the offset Wayne? These might de ideal for the AsconaA perhaps?
  20. Great to see another new member πŸ‘ Welcome back to Manta ownership and the club 🍻
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