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  1. Shame eh, but looks only good to cut up for a few bits that could be salvaged imo
  2. I could do with a front screen out of one of those cars !
  3. I do believe that overall Mantas are under valued, but this is just the opposite
  4. Off to be stripped or repaired elsewhere?
  5. I think these types of colours really do suit the Manta shape and lines. Black alloys I wonder 🤔
  6. Definitely join the group, web membership is cheap for all the extra info you can get from the members only sections. Get some pictures up of your car - chaps here know their stuff and we have a couple of great guys that have all manner of parts. welcome to the forums 😁
  7. Nice project, thanks for sharing the update 👍👍
  8. Yeah the money tree sure does lose its fruit quickly with these projects for sure 😂
  9. Interesting to see progress. Are you going to change carbs ?
  10. If it’s not high temp stuff it just burns off and smells
  11. Jeees, just would like someone to know him as sick of the fake advertising
  12. Not Mine, so don’t message me 😁 Spotted in Facebook, posted by Dave Beedham. Not sure if price is right, but probably £50 each collected. EDIt - BTW it’s Hull, just found a different group post , so if anyone is interested and needs help, let me know as I live in Hull, but won’t be home for another couple of weeks. I have 2 CIH engines came with a job lot They are out of Opel’s condition unknown but turn over by hand. 1 is a 2.0 carb and the other a1.9 carb. Engine’s only no ancillary Thanks £50 Cih engines
  13. Hi and welcome. Sorry I can’t help with the spoiler, but I do think someone might be able to help.
  14. WoW minivan looks a bloody good fit mate! like the idea of the box, should help with rigidity. For gearbox, I guess moving back to a flat bracket will give you clearance for bobbing mount and a fabricated bracket off the floor pan. overall great job, might look at those floor pans myself 👍
  15. Great stuff John, thanks for the update 👍
  16. Hi John, I have jacking points surplus that I purchased from the German place. How soon you need them as I won’t be back home until end of month.
  17. What’s cheap? If you don’t mind me asking?
  18. Welcome Luis! It does look tidy! I expect with the dryer weather you have and saltless roads, the chassis will be something us chaps in the UK would be very envious of 🍻 I would definitely recommend joining the club as a web member as there are sexpctions that will be hidden from you without membership, for the cost it is definitely worth it! The knowledge I have gained from reading older posts in those sections alone is worth infinitely more the fee already to me 👍👍
  19. Yes the ones I have are water cooled. T25 units, the one in the picture though has a smaller compressor wheel than the others, but it’s scrap so it’s ok to use as dummy. Usually non water cooled are for turbo Diesels that have cooler exhaust gases. I think it is mostly to stop the oil carbonisation that would destroy the bearings/shaft.
  20. Finalised the height of the engine on the mountings and have a good 20mm clearance without any modifications to bonnet. Still need to modify the subframe by a little for the sump clearance though, but this is the best option as it lines up the gearbox better. Trial fitting.of the exhaust inverted adapter plate ( from SAS for £78). This enables a standard SAAB manifold to be used upside down. The manifold I have trial fitted is from. 9-3, not a bad fit & still has clearance under the bonnet - but a 9000 should be better as it will sit a bit lower. All are t25 flanged, so biggest turbo without messing Would be a GT28 with 9000 manifold. Added a picture of the 9000 manifold for comparison. I have one but did not have time to dig it out and trial it today, hopefully next time I am back so can get some pictures. As for inlet manifold choice, The 9-5V one I have is too long and fouls the the brake master cylinder, but the std is fine. However I think the 9000 log type will be best fit, but will need the butterfly swapping ends. so a bit of TIG Alu welding will be required. Will trial fit this next time to better show clearance.
  21. Yeah that’s great thanks. No rush as away till end of month with work after the weekend, but I will have access to forums. 👍
  22. As always, Herman to the rescue 🙏 thanks mate.
  23. Cheers Bonnard. I did consider that, but the chassis is geared up for a bit more power than the Xe can deliver (without a considerable amount of money thrown at it). A low boost / high torque 2.3 should suit it nicely. I also wanted the XE for the Silver coupe, although probably without the Webber’s.
  24. Hmm good point. It’s. Berlinetta but it had GT/J decal on boot
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