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  1. I suspect it will release a decent amount of horses, but the main benefit will be the correct ignition and fuel through the whole rev range. So it’s likely to increase delivery more that top end BHP. On std Redtop engines that swap over, it usually results in a 20/25BHP increase, so it could potentially be around 20BHP over the Ljettronic setup is not out of the guesstimate realms. If you could throw some money at throttle bodies, it would out perform a twin Webber setup and we know what those can get Circa 140/150.
  2. Yeah, thanks I was talking more in general rather than individuals. But it’s a good point, I do wonder how many users actually have a fully tuned map in their MS.
  3. Suspected it would be, after the info in the other Fred from Herman 👍 Is this the model they also put a v8 in?
  4. Could use those shaped rubber blocks for storing, they are supposed to stop tyre flat spotting.
  5. Yeah, thanks for the link! as for my project, been collecting sensors and also picked up a timing wheel from eBay, so will be ready to connect up on test bench shortly. What is really odd is the lack of shares of maps 🤯
  6. Yeah I bet mate, it’s amazing how fast these spaces fill up with stuff ‘you NEED’. mine is like one of those sheds you see on American Picjers shows, the ones full of junk of zero value 😂
  7. Seems a really big space, till you get tools, benches, shelf’s full of spares et al 😁 But it looks a nice space for working in, still putting ramp in ?
  8. Ok thanks guys, how much was it mike?
  9. Hi chaps, the front screen with blue sun visor in my Silver coupe has just been hit by what can only be described as a boulder ! so I am in need of a new front screen, brown tinted with blue sun strip please.
  10. EDIT.From block sump face to top of rocker cover with a bit of clearance is 22”. From memory, it’s about there with the CIH engine I think, but I don’t have measurements. I’m off down shortly, so I will take some measurements. but I don’t think this is right. I know there are other Mantas out there with them already fitted.
  11. Indeed will do Herman. I spent nearly as long learning about the SAAB unit versions and the Trionic 5 & 7 management as I have on the repairs I completed on Silver. I originally had a B235 with T7 setup for the black coup, abd after learning about the limitations and complexities of the T7, it led me to decide that. T5 would be great for the Silver coupe too. it will require a little bit of re-gigging of a few parts, but they are solid engines with great longevity. The intervals of the B234 variant as an example is all forged as standard and good for 450+ without much of any work. Way more than needed in a My Manta 😁
  12. No charge, but if I am honest it’s cost me for them to do it anyway. 🤨 Shame I did not have the time otherwise would have done it myself, but you know you trust people sometimes and get let down. Doubt it will be last time I am affected by such things. I guess they at least let me have the car back without a fight 🥊🥊
  13. Very interesting Herman, but glad it’s sorted. Noted for future though, thanks for the follow up on it👍
  14. Soo, been a while without an update, due to work etc. With regards to the paint: OK it been a bit of a nightmare! A friend that was going to paint the panels was not available as he hurt his back - so it went to a ‘lad he knows’ . Checked out some of his jobs previously, all looked ok. BUT, yeah it’s a mess. He had issues with reaction apparently and then lost the will to do it and it shows. So it’s now going to a clasic restoration shop and getting the paint stripped back, glass out full respray. They have a slot in December due to a cancellation luckily, but unfortunately this type of job comes at a cost. So now having to pump another 3-4K into the car, but it’s worth getting it right now I am so far into this. They will get me put cures during this process, so will be posting them up soon. And I just picked up another lump for it. Was going to use the Redtop I had, but will be putting a low pressure Turbo SAAB 2.3 in this now, around 175bhp running the trionic5 management. Will be rebuilding engine first though. It’s come out a low miles 9000cse auto so not much to, just shells , rings new gaskets mostly.
  15. Little by little your getting through the jobs mate 👍👍
  16. Is it just cloth wrapped around some pvc tube(straw) ? i think a new section would look better than a patched repair though, if you think it’s possible to make one
  17. Ok thanks, not like that means much to me, but interesting all the same. I will have to ask my Mother at the weekend what it is
  18. No as it was a resisting, so seller won’t get hit twice.
  19. £2400, exactly £1000 less than previous winning bid. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1988-OPEL-MANTA-GTE-EXCLUSIVE-COUPE-CLASSIC-CAR-VAUXHALL/184046576031
  20. Well that’s a bit of a drop in the selling price, think I would very annoyed at the previous bids if it was me. Seems you chaps are right about selling on eBay 🤦🏻‍♂️
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