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  1. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. Doh if only you had of said 🤔 Pistons are No good for a 2,4 crank, nothing really from bottom end of any use apart from sprocket. I just had a message about sone other bits, so might not need to break this at all. I know gearbox is fubar and it has no brakes either, but engine is sweet. Nothing will be decided anyway for a week or two due to work.
  3. If a good replica can do 50-60 I am not surprised it did not sell at £60K.
  4. Might take a look when I have time off to get it up on the ramp, but probably better examples out there to save from the external bits I have seen
  5. Ah. Explains why I can only find 1 Alu side on eBay 😂
  6. Did you want the car or just the Engine Buzz?
  7. No your right I do have the head, but I was missing a few other bits and happened on the who,e thing - stupid car attached 🤦🏻‍♂️ Although doing 2 at the same time is an option now 🤔🙈 was thinking more of a spare. You started something now mate......🤓
  8. So otherside is still pressed steel?
  9. Alloy is only for one side ? 🤔
  10. Only for the 16v head conversion mate, although maybe park it in the corner of the yard and hope no one hassles me about it for a few years 😂
  11. I happened upon something last week, was delivered back yesterday - managed to pop down to the garage to see it running extremely sweet. Sounds lovely, 70k auto engine grandad been pottering about in it, then was parked up. Obviously I only want certain bits off the engine 😬😂
  12. Well GL mate, will not be me bidding against you 👍
  13. Definitely mate, closer to 75k is a realistic expectation
  14. I think for big money you need to be at a well known auction house, buyers need the confidence
  15. As above Oaul, feel free to DJ me when you get them looking for a fairly good set for my car 👍
  16. Flap off all the paint should reveal the spot welds on the upper and you can release by drilling through
  17. What's the premium though? TBH loads of negative comments about Adrian Flux on FB, so I will stick to my current insurer anyway.
  18. Sounds like it's lost oil mate. But IMHO Bin it, too dangerous and not worth the risk.
  19. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  20. The 32/36 is the tiniest margin better, but not that you will notice. Only issue would be jets for correct afr mate
  21. Hi Herman, thanks for these. I already picked through that other thread only yesterday to send to the shop for my axle fitment 😂 I should have waitied as you now made it easy 👍
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