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  1. Not so easy to fold up and get into those positions ! Still would choose Manual over auto choke though, so worth the aches 😀
  2. Think that is fair if does need some work, buyer could easily sink £5-6K into the car
  3. Yes, I think he would prob sell you a bit of the same stuff. He’s a nice guys], so worth asking mate.
  4. Recalibrate it with a resistor
  5. https://vboa.org.uk/index.php/front-page/club-directory/ Has all the options for specific clubs that might be of interest to you.
  6. Guy on FB does headliner. ‘ Lee ST RS Osborne’ His stuff is top notch.
  7. If your rear axle is the bigger diff type 1.6’1.9 then it’s just a narrower version of the MantaB, but with a steel (better/safer ) torque tube.
  8. Cheers, Adrian (who is doing the work) does own a Monza and is very thorough. Once he strips down I guess we will know what we need for sure, but 100% from what I could see the Wing needs to be replaced. Told they are same as the early Senator too?
  9. Same shit, different car. At least you got it out and fixed it with new steel mate.
  10. Couple of pics on the transport truck. MOT history is quite good, but we have a bit of a list started for work to be done.
  11. Never seen one without it, unless it was lost or damaged. It’s bloody fragile. But poss they just ran out 💁
  12. No mate, that’s a pic down at yard it’s gone too.
  13. Cheers👍 Adrian is very experienced with the Monza and as it’s his job doing the restoration he should get it done pretty quickly. He’s already identified a couple of scabby bits, but the car did have an extensive rebuild in its past (got the pictures etc) so it’s not bad, just a bit tired from its prime days. Got the log book already, only 1day! And still registered as an auto. Mechanical parts not worried about, especially injection as know the LE-Jetronic system well. Obviously just extra 2 cylinders to contend with. Will check condition of ECU right away as that is a concern ! If you got bit you want rid of, just D`m me and we can come to an agreement I am sure mate.
  14. Ice wheels, Ac ones. But will look even better on a set of my custom rims I think 😁😎
  15. Agree with the points @Trooker has made. More lineage indeed and bringing the Manta into some more positive focus. 😎
  16. Some might have seen the car for sale on FB, or perhaps know some of history. But as I was home from work, so it came up at the right time. And in my mind I purchased it for the right money since these are another very undervalued Opel. I have always liked the Monza GSE but never had the pleasure of owning one, so it adds to my collection of Mantas/Ascona . It’s got some issues and needs some work as they all do. I have already sent the car straight to Adrian Thomas for a shake down and he will be doing all the jobs on this one for me due to time & total lack of experience on this model. Will add pics as I go on, but I don’t intend to do much of a change to it, apart from the wheels 😉
  17. lol. Could have a new one machined from billet for cheaper 😀
  18. Largest twin carb? You can get on the std manifold bolting pattern iirc. Back in the day I used one without even rejecting on my 2.2 engine and it black smoked under full load, so it would need jets swapping over, pretty easy to source. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284977366452
  19. Easiest path for ignition is go with distributor and amp from a GTE, it’s a standalone Bosch setup and is pretty reliable. Depending what you want to achieve, but if your going for mostly drivability then a pair of Dellorto twin 40s (36mm choke) is very sweet. The Dellorto are a better carb than the Webber for road use, but it’s marginal. The bigger you go with carbs has a drawback, does increase BHP, but it will shift the torque curve upper rev range and not always the best thing for a daily car. Best option possible with ignition would be add TPS (sensor) to Carbs spindle, crank sensor/wheel to front pulley and go with No-Diz setup (fully mapped ignition curves). Also forgot to message you. Sadly Both the 2.4 manifolds I have are cracked underneath, so scrap. Apparently very common on the 2,4 one. 2.0GTE is a good upgrade and larger than the carb version, sorry I don’t have one of those mate.
  20. Welcome 👍 No doubt the path you decide to go with it will sway a little when you get started, but a really a great base to start from indeed.
  21. Not bad, but works far better on a white primer
  22. Gap looks about right now without the trim piece. What angle/height do the sides of the front air dam sit? Take a pic of the wing as the angle might be telling. Added a pic of mine on the Berlinetta as I know in this pic it’s factory. Look at the gap, not super clear, but there is one even with trim in place below nose cone/air dam .
  23. Specialist like https://clutch-specialists.co.uk in Leeds will definitely be able to help you. You have a couple of options, but any FWD car that used the F28 gearbox is the correct driven plate. See thread above as it also has a contact for another specialist that might be an option for you. You should be using the flat XE flywheel btw
  24. That’s a grand idea with a wedged shaped block as a retrofit part. Guess it would need shims with it for fine adjustment. Could be a great little product for a 3D printer to produce
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