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  1. Ah, so it did require a little then, but that still not a lot considering the age of the gearbox.
  2. I have respect for the Wankle, but it’s not for me.
  3. Yes it’s odd, it is a volume issue, but where 🤯 was there a spring in rear cylinders that pushes pistons out ?
  4. It’s turning out to be a saga alright.🤯 If when you connect the MC to rears directly bypassing the proportioning valve, then lock the off fronts you are still not getting the volume to rear cylinders, then it is a miss match of fluid volume for sure. as a very last resort swap the outputs on MC.
  5. Ok as promised the RX8 6speed. Got family stuff to do this weekend, so not mated it up to the red top yet, will do that Tuesday maybe. Pictures attached. If anyone can’t see pictures pm me and I will host on Flickr etc. More of the same
  6. Indeed, at some point it will need to be recorded, however if you can extend its life whilst maybe one comes up cheap, why not.👍
  7. 4door, so not related to our coupes. however, might interest someone? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1979-mk-1-vauxhall-cavalier-mk1-sri130-engine/153615581657
  8. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  9. Yup, linked already about three posts down. at least it’s a V8 rather than an Ford Ecotec 🤮
  10. Hope the cable comes out easy enough Julian
  11. Will do, think it would be good If I put into thread too. Did not think of that one, good call 👍 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/rx8-gearbox-Adaptor-plate-vauxhall-redtop-XE-Saab-B204-CNC-LASER-CUT-RWD/303126135788
  12. We need to get him back the original account that he rightfully owns asap
  13. Only a little work today as other life issues took this morning up. 1) fuel tank out, painless as expected. Hopefully I can get a new rubber for the filler neck. However I don’t think I will be putting this tank back in. I want something a little safer, so although I won’t be rallying, I will have a foam filled tank made to fit back in behind seat🤔 2) main task was to get the pins out of the doors and then strip them completely ready for dipping. drivers side door came off with a massive fight, although both pins had bits broken and missing. hiwever, passengers door, OMG, I had a 78 coupe doors that was red rusted previously, but this Was a whole new level of solid! Had solid slugs inside the hinge pings of a mix of crud and red rust that proved a challenge to get out. This was even though they had the plastic bungs in. Managed to break 3 pin removal pins. In the end nothing left to do but cut the hinges. I will have to get some measured, drawn and then machined once I get the A posts stripped for the new panels. Good job I did order these as now doors off the true nasty state of them is clear to see. 3) a large positive was the RX8 adapter. Dummy fitted to the red-top, and it’s perfectly machined 👍 Pictures as always.
  14. Great to hear Ian. It is also great to plug these companies that can help out with parts, so thanks for that.
  15. Ouch, that is some bad corrosion, however most can be repaired with patience I guess.
  16. No problem, will take plenty of pictures and measurements as soon as it is all here. I am pleased that you are interested in this, as 2minds of ideas are better than 1 😀
  17. That seems rather Brash, what is the issue, high postage?
  18. Yes they are carbon. it will need to be sent off along with the se6 one to make one up. however, I have been looking and think I may have an alternative to create a 2 piece. Using an IS200 manual propshaft, gearbox is the same I believe, just the mounting flange is different. I will be able to make some measurements once it’s here as I still have the Redtop engine.
  19. I believe this is something like the fate my car has suffered. It’s the offside on mine that seems worse, that is unusual for cars, so I suspect at some point in its life it was parked with the drivers side over grass. quiet a difference in the rot between the two sides.
  20. That is in decent condition for its age 👍
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