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  1. I got a new one from a chap on FB. Anthony Drosos in Greece if you need to find him, sell all sorts of original parts. Not cheap though at €86 inc postage. Part number in pic if you want to try other source
  2. It's in the pic above mate, runs off the camshaft just behind the oil filler cap , in front of the carb.
  3. Picture of mine attached, not great but give you an idea perhaps
  4. Is patched underneath though. If room had not been cut, I would be having a go with that.
  5. Ascona back end is different to Manta
  6. 1.8 only has supply. Only Injection has fuel return you might need to look into the hole where pump fits as it has a cam that drives the fuel pump, make sure that has not ground to nothing. Failing that, you can remove just the top cam box cover on the 1.8 to see the camshaft, this will let you see the fuel pump running on the camshaft lobe when turning engine over (don't start the car though, just remove the coil HT lead to no spark or something) as it dies flick oil about if it's runs high rpm. Keep fingers out the box when turning engine over !!
  7. Epoxy will not bond to the seal very well anyway, but if you can carefully wedge the rubber away and smear on some Vaseline it definitely can't
  8. Silver Epoxy, not cheap got mine from Farnells http://uk.farnell.com/jsp/search/productdetail.jsp?CMP=i-ddd7-00001003&sku=2917615 I also bought these to use with the epoxy, might help. They are pretty strong https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223527499727
  9. Welcome back. Might help if you are more specific in what you want to buy mate, GTE / coupe / hatch / Years
  10. Yeah, you are right on wheel studs. I got them from rally shop on eBay, fit Escorts too
  11. Yeah, PO is fine. DM me how you want paying and I will get that sorted with the delivery info mate, thanks 🍻
  12. Cool, you can the extra on the RM postage for the insurance. £20 all in should cover it, ok?
  13. A fanatical collector or a museum might buy it, but think price is subjective. It looks like it's a 'emotionally attached' price tbh.
  14. Top end is so......1950s .... I am a fan of the block though, but with the head on it it's a boat anchor.
  15. Well, bolting a T3 to a lump sure does the job 😁
  16. well it depends really - but using term stinker is more apt 🤣.
  17. Not much, a reworked 2.4 does have the potential but a C20xe is a better engine to start with.
  18. If it needs a fair amount of paintwork, then probably there about right. Done right it can be £3-4K in painting so it has got to be factored in.
  19. That's the advantage of at least having at home mate, keep chipping away it will come. I deffinitely would like one of mine in my garage at home at some point in the future for that reason as having to drive across the town to mine is restrictive .
  20. Yeah, depends on availability/cost. Can the time fixing that be justified? I probably would replace it tbh, but I could understand wanting to keep & fix it
  21. Yeah seems fair enough mate, just PM me when you know the postage. Hermes would be cool
  22. Says AsconaA on it, and if it is a seatbelt for AsconaA I would be into that mate
  23. Always baffled me how much moisture gets under the vinyl on to the steel, I think the primer used was a single 'waft' not even a proper coating. It seems the glue was the main issue though, as it seems to go bad over the years or it was just never bonded properly, and then just lets moisture trap under the vinyl (like the bag in the desert at night time thing) . If it was done properly you would expect the glue + vinyl to be actually better protection then paint.
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