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  1. Thanks for the info, i did have a look at there website and it looks like i,ll be placing an order soon as you say they arnt the cheapest and the postage is very high but they have guaranteed to deliver undamaged, cheers
  2. Thanks again. just as soon as i find the repair panels i need i,ll make a start on it, i have to say im very impressed with the build quality of these cars, nicely put together, cheers for now
  3. All the best with the auction, ive just bought one aswell and slowly discoving ive got more chance of stepping in rocking horse poo that geting hold of parts for it, good luck
  4. Many thanks, as soon as i get the parts i need i,ll be making a start on her, spent a few hrs cleaning it out and getting her going, i binned those horrible alloy's that were on it and put some period 6x13 alloy on instead. already looking a lot better. thanks again
  5. Hello again everyone, many thanks for the warm welcome, really looking forward to getting stuck in to this one, although i,m a bit reluctant to start dismantling her until i have everything i need otherwise i fear it'll end up being a basket case and not finished, have managed to get hold of a couple of door bottoms ,wing rails these were given to me but i don,t actually need them as these are good on the car. i'm currently trying to hunt down a good bonnet, wings and front floor pans as soon as i get hold of them then i;ll be good to go. will keep you posted and again thanks for the welcome to the manta site
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