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  1. Welcome to the club Nick. I'm a new member myself and I'm already blown away by the helpfulness and knowledge of the members of the club. This is definitely the place to be. Good luck with your restoration. Looking forward not seeing the updates.
  2. Good luck with the restoration. Similar situation to me. I can't wait to get mine back on the road.
  3. Oh no! Well hopefully I'll be leaving it to my friend to sort out as I'd probably make a mess of it. I still need to get the colour code. I'm taking the engine out tomorrow so I'll have a look then.
  4. Just wondering if any members will be showing their car at the North Wales classic car and motorcycle show this weekend at Bodrhyddan hall Rhyl. I've just noticed it includes the New vauxhall-opel day.
  5. Thanks for the info Wayne. I just need to find my paint code now. 👍
  6. That sounds like a good price to be fair. If you could give me the details of the paint shop as I see your only in Liverpool so not far away.
  7. Thanks for the information. Hopefully a friend is popping up this week to take a look at the paint work. Do you have any idea of the cost of a respray?
  8. Thank you! I've had it since 2001 but the tax ran out in July 2000 so I'd say 19 years. It's been stored in a garage for 18 years then had to move it because the garages were being renovated. Ideally I need to get it back in there before winter sets in.
  9. Well seen as it was a nice day I thought I'd spend some time looking at the manta. I'm actually surprised how good the car is. The chassis looks solid as it's been waxoiled. There is some scabs and rust on the doors and sills but nothing major. The worst is the nose cone. Really looking forward to getting it back on the road. I've started stripping the engine down to remove it and rebuild it hence why there is no front bumper. Here's some pictures
  10. By joining the club do you mean the full membership? I plan to do this in the next few days. Hopefully. I've had the car since 2001 and the plan was to do it with my son if I ever had one and luckily I did but unluckily he doesn't like cars 🙈. So it's been sat in a rented garage until recently when the garages got Refurbished so I had the car at my house. Not ideal as there's a lack of room here. I've not done anything to the car since I've had it bar semi stripping the engine. I went to a local car show a couple of weeks ago with my daughter and there was not one manta so I thought now is the time to get the old girl back on the road. I put a battery on the other day and surprisingly the engine turned over. The camshaft has gone though which is the reason it came off the road in 2001 so I'll be taking the engine out this week to strip and rebuild. Surprisingly the bodywork is not bad for a 36 year old car. Underneath seems solid. I plan to take it to the garage for a pre MOT test/inspection and go from there. I shall post some updates as I go along.
  11. Hello everyone. My name is Paul. I own 1983 manta berlinetta hatchback which has been in storage for the last 18years. Well I've finally decided it's time to get the silver dream machine back on the road. Looking forward to going to meets and shows. I've been looking through the forum and one thing I've noticed it's there is a lot of people who know lots about mantas which will come in handy when I restore her. Hopefully I can be helpful to any fellow members too.
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