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  1. Ive got seats the same as the gent above has posted that will be heading for the bin also if anyone needs anything
  2. The engine is hung on tacked mounts here in the pics Hopefully be enough clearance to shut the bonnet πŸ™ˆ Move onto plating the bulkhead and gearbox mounts over next couple of days 😁
  3. Since the bulkhead has been cut, think that the sump off an m50 as its not as deep as the 52 sump, should fit with minor fettling Engine mounts have been sent off to be machined and using the bushes off a v8 Land Rover
  4. Bit more of an update on this Bulkhead did need modifying to get the bonnet to close and the tunnel needs widening to get the box in comfortably Brake servo and master cylinder will move to the front just behind the headlight but it’s progress 😎
  5. No mate, will need to modify or fabricate from scratch to fit over crossmember, otherwise it sits right at home in there
  6. Few more pics after cleaning the bay up a bit and with engine in situ ready for mounts to be made
  7. Engine out, just waiting on nod from my engine man to fit it in to get the engine and box mounted πŸ˜ƒ
  8. Yes mate, original colour scheme will stay as it is, I would have kept the orginal interior apart from the seats were threadbare pretty much and sourcing replacments without having them retrimmed was a nightmare. Managed to source the Daytonas for a good price along with carpets, cards and pretty much everything to convert to black so it will all match. The idea was to have the external looking fairly factory, bar the wheels/suspension and exhaust. Then change the engine out and create a 'retro' looking sleeper. The cage will be there for function rather than form to be honest, not that i intend to bin it, but nothing like the belt and braces approach one of the latest pics ive had of it in daylight. replaced the drivers wing as the other was holed by the bumper mount. Probably cant make it out on this picture but its had a new scuttle welded in too, as the other had rotted it out round the windscreen rubber next to the vent :(
  9. There has been more progress made on this albeit at an extremely slow rate Rather than bore you all with the details....ill attached some picture of some of the bits its had done to it and how it was when i finally got it back on the road, some of you gave probably seen most of these on facebook if your on there. However although happy I got it alive and back on the road I still had some work to do to it, so once the 'show' season had finished I decided I wanted it all doing properly and stripped it all back down Then I decided I wanted a bit more poke without going redtop.....I saw Andy Abbott had a M52b25 BMW lump for sale and how it was fitted in his commodore πŸ₯°, so now that's its designated powerplant which is going in to be mounted next week Other things I have managed to acquire or source for it are Brand New Fuel Tank, Daytona Interior, Rollcage, Sportex Exhaust system (although I don't think this will be much use with the BMW lump) ive had the dashboard flocked, got a 6 guage speedo unit for it, new fuel lines, cav gsi front brakes and discs from an audi 80 to fit along with many other bits that ive sourced but need to fit. Anyway....plan now is get the old 1.6 lump out, along with the box and 4 speed prop, get the engine mounted, then into bodyshop for strip back and paint, along with the undersealing etc to protect where its been welded. I will try to keep this updated for anyone who is interested but fingers crossed it will be back on the road summer this year depending on how well I get on with the work needed and fitting around the bodyshop and the gent whose fitting the engine for me
  10. As above chrome bumper wanted for my Cav Sport Hatch please with rubber trim preferably but not the end of the world if not Price posted to north wales please or local enough to collect thanks Ry
  11. Hi Could you send me some pictures please? not too fussed about losing a vent if I’m honest just want it solid 😎
  12. Hi all my scuttle has rotted through on my sport hatch but it would be easier to replace rather than fabricate does anyone have a good condition scuttle cut out available? closer to north wales the better however will travel once allowed if needed thanks Ry
  13. Thanks for replies all I didn’t think I could still source new πŸ˜‚
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