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  1. Cheers - as mentioned it’s only to get it going - pump came with no fittings in a vacuum sealed pack and it had an oily smell and light coating of oil - Spade connector fittings - when powered up it is very quiet - for £15 it’ll do to move the car around the garage when needs be -
  2. Cheers lads - I’m not 100% sure if this project will ever get finished so for the time being a cheap one to get it mobile will suffice - I was more concerned with delivering enough fuel to get it idling - it won’t be going on the motorway anytime soon - thanks for all the advice - it’s good to have experts / enthusiasts at hand - hopefully it’ll get finished - if so it’ll get treat to a Bosch pump 👍
  3. Evening lads - I have a manta project - no fuel tank or pump - looking for a cheap electronic fuel pump that I can use to get the car mobile- getting too old to push it ( me and the car ) would this do the job linked to a temp fuel tank inside the car ? Cheers in advance https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F151571969709
  4. Thanks mate - I’ll check the rubber stopper & go from there 👍
  5. Hi all -I’ve removed the manta exterior door handle and it has a lot of play in it - does anyone know of a fix for this or is it a case of replacing the door handle ? Presumably they’re handed so I can’t just swap it for the passenger side which is perfect ? thanks in advance
  6. Had a similar problem with an old fiesta years ago - turned out one of the brake flexis hoses had collapsed , it had perished internally even though they looked ok , I’m no mechanic so that’s all I’ve got - good luck
  7. Evening all, been lurking for awhile, just bought another manta ( 25 years since my last one!) no doubt going to need advice & parts in the near future, hopefully it's not going to be a long term project. It's an 87 reg 2 ltr, 5 speed manual gte hatch, with sunroof, which was advertised locally, showing 69000 miles & MOT expired september 2014, (58k in 2006) miles may well be genuine but could also have been around the clock, doesn't really matter to me. already had a lot of welding done, tidy enough welding on the inside, however not not so tidy on the underside, but solid enough & just wants some of the welds dressed up & a bit of sealer brushed about & undersealed / wax oiled Bodywork is rough in the sense of dents but not actually that rotten, door bottoms good, wheel arches good, front wings not great but repairable. scabs on roof and bonnet Bought not running but was told it was a runner, so some fresh fuel squirted in , booster pack on & it fired straight up & sounded fine, its pretty much a basic shell at the minute, having been stripped out to be welded. I Paid a lot less than half of the advertised price as the seller was fed up of time wasters, ( under £500) so we'll see how it goes, aiming for a road legal manta, with a nice interior & nice coat of paint rather than a full nut and bolt restoration. It has an Opel mantas Owners club plaque stuck on the dash (from july 2 &3 2011) and a matching tax disc holder, maybe someone recognises it? Anyway- cheers & I look forward to picking your brains and getting another old manta back on the road- its not half as bad as some i've seen on here, just hope it ends up half as good!! is using photobucket the only way to insert pics? only got this one on as it was available through a link?
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