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  1. hi ,many thanks for your reply , perfect just what i need at the moment , advice information etc; cheers bob
  2. hi mick , thank you for your reply , yes i will sort some pictures , not had a chance since its rained most days sine picking car up !! will take some and add them asap . all kinda new to me online . im rather old skool in most respects ! kind regards bob
  3. hi all, i have just joined up tonight after just buying myself my first opel manta gte ! cracking car , always had astra gte and sri vauxhalls calibras and built a mk2 astra van with red top engine , digital dash etc; used to go to santa pad and york dragway with it way back in the early nineties !! great cars but never managed to get my hands on manta until now , so any help advice given would be greatly received !i live in haworth, west yorkshire so wondered if there any other members near by ? im after some parts to improve my car and advice on what too look out for . thanks for reading all replies most welcome, thanks bob
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