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  1. Hi, Anyone breaking a manta B ? I need a drivers side door post section complete with hinges back panel etc, if anyone has one. Thanks Gerald
  2. Hi I needed a drivers side a post, if anyone is breaking a manta B Thanks Gerald
  3. Hi John, Thats the outer skin, but my hinge panel and inner panel are rotten so thats why i am thinking if i could get a decent 2nd part it would be easier to repair. Thanks for replying
  4. Hi. I need the driver side A post complete with hinges and back panel as mine is completely rotten, anyone breaking one? thanks Gerald
  5. Thanks Mike, i have messaged him to see if he still has it, fingers crossed!!
  6. Hi Jessopia74, i could find his details to message him, would you have his details? thanks
  7. Hi I need a roof skin for a manta b coupe without sunroof preferably, i did read something online that mentioned the club may be getting copied skins manufactured for sale, could anyone advise if this is the case and where i can purchase one? or alternatively if anyone has one for sale. Thanks
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