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  1. Hi all I'm what seems to be a never ending wish list I'm looking for both headlamp seals and a glove box for a Manta B GTE. Hoping someone has them tucked away somewhere Thanks in advance Glyn
  2. Hi all I'm looking for a couple of headlamp washer jets and headlamp washer motor and arm for my Manta B GTE. Hoping someone can help me get it back on the road with clean lights Thanks in advance Glyn
  3. Hi all Hoping you can help a newbie get my little project finished and on the road. Looking for the following parts for my 1984 GTE B Boot gas struts Bonnet cable clip Offside headlamp motor Indicator stalk Battery clamp Headlamp washer jets Fuel tank exchange Interior arms rests (grey) Interior fan and motor Reverse light switch Fog light dashboard switch Thanks in advance Glyn
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