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  1. Sounds great. If you find it I’m happy to discuss pricing! This is a lot if useful info. I actually know what to look for now. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi guys, My Cavalier’s starter motor has packed in. As per usual, Manta parts seem to be a lot easier to find and most the time the two are exactly the same. I can’t find an exact match for my starter motor however. I’m considering a high torque upgrade but don’t want to spend too much money if it’s not going to fit. The current part is a Delco 152-5 28-9 (see picture) and the replacement I’m looking at is this. Any help and knowledge is greatly appreciated. Thanks I’m advance!
  3. Ah thanks a lot! Yeah performance gains aren't massively expected and not overly important. Just want to make the right decision. Cheers!
  4. Hi guys! I'm looking at fitting a new exhaust to my Mk1 Cavalier Sports Hatch and I found an old post on this forum recommending a couple of systems for a Manta B. These being Sportex and Jetex. Both are pretty much the same price except the Jetex comes with all the fittings and Sportex is just the exhaust system. Has anyone had any experience with either or both? Just wondering about quality, sound and performance gains if any? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
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