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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volvo-360-GLT-Rear-Window-Louvre-Part-Number-KH188-Original-Volvo-Part/324323520991?hash=item4b833031df:g:Pl8AAOSwf8Rffbv~ from the same seller. Could we all be missing a new trend ?
  2. I know we are all different but this “ styling accessory’ is not for me. Needs a set of Carlos fandango wheels to go with it . I’m at the age where my neck and back does not turn enough to be able to look over my shoulder when reversing so I fear this could have an impact on rear vision 😂
  3. Hope everything went ok with your operation Herman
  4. Buz

    24v head

    Start from £1120 +vat
  5. Buz

    24v head

    Cheers Pete. Let’s hope so 👍
  6. Buz

    24v head

    As long as the standard crank is capable of revving to 6000rpm safely then I think that’s realistically where I’m at. I’m not building a race car. More of a real world fantasy . I could strip the bottom end and find that the bores are perfect and don’t need touching but at 100k I doubt it so if I have to rebore it then I have to get new pistons , so I might as well spend a bit more on decent forged pistons and then maybe rods too but I also have to keep the budget real world too and not fantasy. I know the 16v cih is a more expensive route but i feel it keeps the heart of the car the same Maybe these are the answer
  7. Buz

    24v head

    I haven’t really done much research into pistons and rods , cams etc. I’ve read articles with lots of manufacturers recommended. With regards to pistons , wossner and omega seem popular choices
  8. Buz

    24v head

    I have a 2.4 frontera engine 👍. Going to rebore it , new pistons and rods and the 16v top end . Simples 😂 The only part I am unsure of is the crank. Obviously with forged pistons and rods it can rev higher but I don’t know if the crank needs to be changed / uprated
  9. Buz

    24v head

    I like the look of the 400 cam covers and front cover. I know that it would be far easier to drop a newer 16v lump in but I just fancy keeping a CIH in it
  10. Buz

    24v head

    Hi Pete , thank you for the link. The guy who does the engine is on the 16v Facebook group. I think he must have his own 3D printer and cnc milling centre as he makes his own throttle bodies , intakes, trumpets etc. Very jealous 😍 Paul. Thanks for the photos and for the offer of tips etc. I will definitely be taking you up on that 👍
  11. Buz

    24v head

    No. Could you give me a link please
  12. Buz

    24v head

    I’m a bit of a dreamer so I will probably end up with the1.9 that’s in it with a k&n filter on it 😜 I’ve done a lot of research into what’s needed and have access to machinery so hopefully it will be ok 😬 . I’m going to need to find a good engine machine shop for bottom end rebore and I’d would like to get the head done at the same time
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