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  1. Just noticed your car is on ebay Dan . Looks fantastic fella 😍 . Good luck with the sale
  2. I think the roof may be yours too ...... do you take weekly payment 😜 Or bartering , do you need any steel beams fabricating or random stuff to fill up your shed. What blood type are you , I could and would pay in blood 🤣
  3. Coupe roof for sale on eBay , posted today. On for £500 or offers . I'm useless at creating links so I didn't try 😂
  4. Thanks very much. I'm trying to get as much information and parts before I start my restoration so this is most helpful , thanks again
  5. Hi Jess, sorry to be lazy and benefit from your hard work but could you tell me which model Audi the calipers are from and are the discs from the same model. Also were there any other parts involved . Any information would be great thanks 🙏
  6. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  7. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  8. Looks lush , I'm very envious 😍
  9. Congratulations on winning the shell , it did look very tidy on eBay. I haven't got any personal experience with soda blasting on cars only motorbike parts but they did come out clean and undamaged . Would be interested in prices for it , I'm sure I've seen around £700 upwards on the forum which I'm definitely too tight to pay . I have got a small sandblaster which I may try with soda media but it would take a long time as it's only a small nozzle
  10. That's great news and thoroughly deserved after all your hard work 🎉
  11. Fantastic photos. Congratulations on the third place.👏
  12. Looking good Jess. 👍 That's a great tip, I actually never thought of bigger wheels making it look lower 👏
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