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  1. Did anyone get any results either finding alternative reflectors that fit, or getting existing ones refurbished? I cannot get a response from Dany Manta despite trying numerous times, and I'm fast approaching MoT time - with very shot, early reflectors. All ideas and tips gratefully received!
  2. Are you selling the Getrag 5 speed, propshaft and flywheel etc. that were originally fitted, please? If so, could you message me a total price? Thank you!
  3. Nice!! Never seen those on such a late B before! Am loving all of the different spec combinations that become apparent, the more people you talk to!
  4. I was looking at this as a potential spares car for my early B, but I knew I would end up keeping it intact! The headlamp surrounds aren't simply add-ons, the headlamps themselves are different. Gone by April 1976 IIRC. I intend keeping mine as standard as possible, although a spot of crustiness under the vinyl roof may mean she has to run around without for a little while! All the best with the restoration, I'm loving bringing mine back from the almost dead!!
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