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  1. Hi, looking for an ascona b.. 400r would be great, historic even better or something that’s been rally prepared etc. Hard to come by it seems. Thanks
  2. Hi, ideally an ascona b, rally spec would be good. But also open to manta 400 rep etc. Between 10-20k for the right car I guess. Thanks
  3. @Jessopia74 thanks for your reply, had a scout through the for sales and nothing really takes my fancy there, but thanks 👍 @Mickfrad thanks but sadly no my pockets aren’t that deep although I wish they were.. haha
  4. Hi, new to the club and going to look at an ascona b this coming weekend. Also curious as to whether any members are selling, looking to sell or know of either an ascona b, ascona 400r or even potentially a manta 400r for sale as nice to have a choice of vehicles to look at buying. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, Thanks George
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