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  1. Hello, i’m trying to fit the rear panels of 400 kit, and in first attemp the rear panels don’ t fit very well, if someone can to help me. I try to bolt to the car, the interior panel no fit ti the car, i do some photos. Thanks
  2. Hi to all, i upload a little restoration.
  3. Not yet, but I want the suspension new and for springs I have doubts because I don't know what height is good with the Kit 400
  4. Hello, i do some things in quarentine. Engine off The rear axle I don't find corrosion, i clean very well with radial and wire brush I have some questions: What shock absorbers do you reccommend? And the springs i don't have any idea, i want to install the 400 kit, i hace to change the height? How much? Thanks
  5. Very thanks for information, when i start to adapt the kit i answer some doubts. Some photos for the engine, i use glass projection to clean and i will paint in next days.
  6. Thanks, i will take a look. Yesterday i received my Martin´s 400 KIT, i'm impatient and i wanted to see what it looks in the car.
  7. Thanks for the informations, in Spain don't have a lot of parts of Opel Commodore, is not easy to find it. When I take out the rear axle i will study the best option.
  8. I understand well now, i know that the installation of a Volvo or a 4HA it's a lot of work, and i prefer do do something simpler if possible.
  9. Hello Danny, i want to move the engine in the back, but i want to homologate the modification for street use, and in Spain they don't help with this projects, so i will study the best option to do it, because one condition to homologate is that you have to use original engine mounts of the car.
  10. Thanks for your help, but my doubt is for 4x100 to 5x120 conversion but your link is interessant. Thanks
  11. Sorry i wrote in english but i have automatic translation in Google Chrome 🤦‍♂️ . I will edit my post. Sorry
  12. Hi, I start my theme for my Opel Manta project. I begin to disassemble the car and the new engine to restore it. I bought Martin's body kit (it will arrive on Friday). The project is slow because I don't have time to do it, but I will report the progress. The car is in good condition, I only find a little corrosion inside the car (driver's side, I upload a photo) but it is not important. I want to put five screws (5x120), I read a lot of information and I have clear the update for the front wheels with the TJM hub kit, but for the rear axle I am a little confused, I read about the 4HA rear axle, the Volvo axle .. I don't know, maybe someone with more experience in that , maybe someone can help me to understand the best way to do it. Thanks This is the part with corrossion, i cut it and i will solder new metal.
  13. Yes, i bougth a complete engine with gearbox and electronic. It´s my intention to put the engine the maximum to the rear of the car, now i'm in disassembly process, and i have the 30NE out of the car and restoring it. I have some information to make the SWAP.
  14. Thanks, yeah, the Spanish weather keeps in good condition the cars, except the car from the coast. Thanks, I have already a complete engine with 265 getrag and now i’m restoring it, i will open a post with the peoject and upload photos.
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