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  1. Hello Jess, thanks for getting in contact today with some very helpful information, very much appreciated. I do have some of that information, but unfortunately, as it's quite sometime now, I don't have records of services/MOT to hand. I shall certainly provide as much information as possible though. Thank you for your kind offer of help uploading the pics, I may just take you up on that if I have any problems. Thanks again. Liz Hello Wayne, thank you for getting in contact. Sorry to hear you too had to sell your Manta. I am in a similar situation, I no longer have the access to storage facilities. In addition, I sadly don't have the funds to repair it either, and I don't think I'd know where to start if I did!!! Thank you for the encouragement though, much appreciated. Liz
  2. Hello Ian, thank you for getting in contact. Apologies for reposting your message, I'm trying to reply individually to people after their message, but just trying to work out how that can be done without a repost! Anyway, thank you so much for all the useful information that you have provided here for me, really appreciated. I do have a few pics of the car and ones showing the underneath, along with information of its current condition. So I shall hopefully be able to post all that presumably on the for sale part of this site. At the moment the car is in a different location to me, but I can certainly can add that information, which I agree would be useful for people. Thank you once again. Liz
  3. Hello, I'm new to this forum, and have joined hoping to seek some help and advice. I own a Manta GT '85. It has been off the road for 22 years, and stored in a barn. This was my first car, and I really had hoped I would be able to restore, and get back to driving on the road again. Unfortunately, that has not been possible for me to do, and the time has come when I must reluctantly put the car up for sale. Just wondering if there is anyone on here that may know what the best route to take to do this is, and what it may be currently worth. The car does start, however, there may need to be a lot of dedication to get it back to full restoration, in which case, it may be more preferable as a donor car. Any advice and suggestions would be gratefully received, thank you.
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