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  1. Thanks Danny, makes sense. I'll pass the info on. Many thanks Julian
  2. Hi sorry about that, please see the photos attached as Jpegs. Thanks so much for the pics, the welded plates obviously serve some purpose if they appear to be on other rally mantas and asconas. I'll pass this on to my brother. Would be good to hear from anyone who is currently running a manta, even if not a 400 to see if there are similar paltes? Many thanks Julian
  3. Manta 400.docx Hi I just wondered whether anyone could please help? My brother looked at a manta 400 rally car for sale in Ireland but was a bit concerned about a plate that seems to have been welded in on the front inner wing, marked with the yellow arrow in the first photo attached. The vin plate has been attached to it strangely? There also seems to be on the other side inner wing a similar plate welded on at some stage. My brother did a bit of searching of other 400 engine bays [photos further down the page] and they also seem to have similar plates that have been welded in at some stage. The last picture is Russell Brookes car and again there seems to be a similar plate. I'm sure I remember seeing this on one of Russell's cars myself. Are these areas cur out to access something and then a plate welded back over perhaps? If anyone could help it would be really appreciated. For info the car seems to be a genuine 400 rally car, minus the engine which has been replaced with a vauxhaull unit. Julian
  4. Hi

    A little while back you mentioned that you might have a standard exhaust manifold for a manta B 2.0S. I just wondered whether you'd had a chance to see if you had one yet?


    Many thanks



    1. E416 PBO

      E416 PBO

      Sorry Julian....

      Had a very busy number of weeks!!! Got married....

      I'll take a look for you tomorrow..

      Send me a msg on whatsapp if I don't get back to you.

      LUKE  GRAY

      00353 87 98 84 911

    2. Julian B

      Julian B

      Thanks Luke, much appreciated.



  5. Hi Has anybody please got a manta B standard exhaust manifold for a 1979 2.0S ? Thanks Julian
  6. Hi

    Just wondered whether you might have a standard exhaust manifold for a manta B series 2.0S ?



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