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  1. I've just taken the glass and winders out of the doors for an opel manta hatchback. A bit dirty but no grinding sparks and untinted. I know the winders work because I used them the day before dismantling it all. The whole lot can go for free.
  2. Thanks mate but a guy in Nottingham had one for free so I'm sorted now.
  3. I need a rust free drivers door I already have the internal fittings. It's to go on an ascona project so if i can use a cavalier or manta door.
  4. I need a 5 speed 2l gearbox. We had 2 and sold them a few years back but we've started a new project and need a new one. I would be willing to pay postage.
  5. I might end up using one of these options, I was just hoping to use the original parts if I could find them.
  6. Yeah that's the one. I just always called them that.
  7. Thanks. Now I just need to find one. 🙂
  8. I'm using a 1.9 ascona engine that I want to convert to electronic ignition so need the correct distributor. I'm open to advice on what I need.
  9. I'm looking for a full set of GTE side skirts and hockey stick. I'm based in chesterfield and can collect after this lockdown is done.
  10. I'm looking for a right hand dashboard for an ascona project so if whatever it comes out of doesn't matter. Condition and colour aren't too important as I'm wanting to flock it. If anyone has one or knows of someone who has one I'd appreciate their help. Mark
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