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  1. I can't thank you enough for this info. This place really is a gold mine of information. If only the parts were as easy to come by as the knowledge haha!
  2. Cheers mate Thanks for the advice bud. It's a screw in cap alright. I'll get it replaced for peace of mind.
  3. Thank you and yeah that would be great. Send anything you can.
  4. Just wanted to say a quick hello to all the members of this amazing forum and i'm delighted to find such a massive treasure trove of knowledge all in one place. I became the proud owner of a Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6L yesterday after a long exhaustive look. These cars are so rare over here compared to Mantas and i still can't believe i found one. They're such a pretty car and this one is not to bad for her years. The previous owner was an enthusiast and had her stored in a shed for a good few years so the rot never really set in. It has a few of the usual issues with seized front calipers and shes running a bit rough but the coil, leads and distributor just look done so that should be an easy fix (fingers crossed). I have spent the last two days here reading all the guides and following the build guides so not too many stupid questions from me I'll be going with the Audi discs and will try to find the fabled calipers in the local scrapyards if possible. I do have one question though if anyone would be so kind to tell me: is there a 'one solution fits all' for my distributor cap, points, coil, ht leads upgrade for the 1.6 and should i replace the actual distributor aswell? A few pictures of the old girl
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