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  1. Hi Andy, what a cracking job you´ve been doing to this car , congratulations! If any Manta deserves a new opportunity this particular vehicle even more due to her specs! Absolutely brilliant. I´ve got a question about the rear arches. As this has the original irmscher i240 body are the rear arches on the body exactly same as any other manta with the plastic extensions on top just bolted on, or are them trimmed down in the same way as the 400 Kit. Because on the pictures them look normal to me. Basic question is, can this kit be fitted without trimming the rear wheel arches down? Cheers Luis
  2. very good Price. Where can I get the fabric repair ( the black one for the side bolsters?? Thanks
  3. Just sent him an offer of 500 quid and has not been accepted.
  4. Hi This how that pipe looks inside of my engine head. Seems like it had better times . Looks like someone has ripped it apart. I think this head has been already messed out by someone in the past. Look at the pictures including the camshaft bolts Found this small wire-spring lying around between the rockers, Does anyone know where it could came from? Thanks guys
  5. That video is not from my car. Mine definitely is not opening the inlet valve for cylinder 2 more than 3mm ish. I've removed today two inlet rockers and hydraulic tappets, please have a look to the picture attached. You can se how concave is the bottom of one of them. That's the one with the issue. I've checked the lobe and is worn too. Finally I've inspected them all and seems like this is the only one damaged. Shame but my camshaft has to be replaced at some point. I've fitted a new hydraulic lifter in that position and performance has improved significantly, at least now I'm able to keep at the speed limit all the time at the motorway even uphilling! Thinking now on removing the cams, engine head, looking for parts... Will do at some point over the loooong winter. Regards
  6. Looks like it ... But I wish it was something else a little bit less expensive... Hahaa Hi, I'll follow your instructions in order to check if the lobe is definitely worn. So following your advice, for valve clearance andjusment with hydraulic tapped is : For instance with the engine stopped and piston at the top with both valves closed remove all the "play" between rocket and valve. Then with the engine running on iddle follow the same process showed on the video. Is that correct? How can I visually inspect the camshaft as it's inside of the head? Is not like on ohc engines where the camshaft is over the head. How difficult to remove it is? Thanks
  7. I will measure at some point this week the total lift for that valve . Worst case scenario, worn lobe , how difficult is to remove the camshaft ? Can it be done with the head in place? Thank you very much
  8. Right, this weekend has been quite successful in terms of amount of work carried out over the manta. I installed the full exhaust line with new gaskets, so low I can hear how smoothly the engine goes at idle. I've identified a misfire over 3000 rpm and under load all the time. Is not a full misfiring but the engine doesn't not run properly. I've checked everything, swapped the AFM for the one on my astra gte, dizzy , everything and still the same. However manta parts works on the astra without any issues. Took the brand new spark plugs out and three of them are spot on, however one of them is black, full of carbon deposits (cylinder 2) that means either too much fuel, bad spark or lack of clean air. After this, removed the the rocker cover and left the engine on idle to check the valves opening and closing. My surprise was when I foud the inlet valve for cylinder number 2 is hardly opening. That might explain why the engine is performing ok at low revs but does not have any power at high revs. So what should I check? Is a matter of seized hydraulic lifter or maybe a worn lobe at the camshaft? If it a worn lobe, should not be happening across the hole part including the other cylinders? Any ideas about how to proceed? Cheers guys
  9. What is that? the vacuum pipe that goes from the inlet manifold to the servo? Mine seems to be alright.. but I haven´t removed it yet... What I found was the, inlet/outlet manifold gasket was blowing a little bit due to a bolt missing .... I´ve removed both manifolds and full exhaust ( it was rotten and probably bocked) . Waiting now for the new exhaust new bolts and new gasket to fit everything back in place.. and see how it looks, but I don´t think that will sort out my problems Done a compression test and all cylinders showed values between 150-160 psi.. She iddles smoothly but is just too flat under acceleration...
  10. Hi guys, recently trying to remove and change the coolant temperature sensor, my thermostat housing broke, and now leaks through. Do you have any spare one? My car is a ´83 gte with the 20e injection. Cheers Luis
  11. I haven't checked any hose for leaks. Brake servo pipe seems to be alright, however in order to brake , it seems the servo is not helping at all, I've to depress the brake pedal too hard to be able to brake. Nobody touched the AFM yet Thanks for your help
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