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  1. Yeah, it's not bad. However I'm from North Spain and is not as dry as you think. In fact it rains more than in the UK. Took me a while to find a decent unit for the fair price. Mantas were pretty rare everywhere , and you don't see many around either in Spain or Portugal. At the moment I've got two more projects on going, therefore the manta will have to wait her moment. She's properly dry stored. Regards
  2. Hi, yes, It's quite in original condition. However is not a Gsi, is a GTE but it has the front seats of a gte. I wonder if anyone has a pair of front gte seats.
  3. Hi guys. At some point, one of the previous owners of my manta replaced the ignition barrel for a newer one , therefore I've got to different keys for my car. An Ab key for doors and boot, and a later astra mk2 type for ignition. So wonder if you have any ab type ignition barrel with at least 1 key and I will match it up with the door locks. Thanks Luis
  4. Hi, yes, the new hoses are definitely prepared for new fuel. Do you think is a nice thing to have aircon? Obviously I´ll keep it fitted as is a quite rare option. However where I´m from (Galicia in the North West of Spain) is not as hot as you think. In fact, the weather is as rainy as the Uk and the temperatures are quite similar. I don´t think an electro-fan will be neccesary. Anyway, I´ll follow your advise and Will add a good quality 20W50 oil to the engine. About the gearbox & axle oil, I´ve found a thread where is very clear and detailed. Thanks every One
  5. Hello chaps I'm about to give a full service to the old lady before start messing about. I've prepared this shopping list: Air filter, oil filter, spark plugs and leads, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel hoses, rocket and cover gasket(it leaks a bit) Coolant and alternator belt. ( I have to check this point as my manta has the original A/c system fitted. Don't know if it has two belts or a longer one. What I haven't bought yet is the oil. What kind of oil is the best for the 20E? As It has hydraulic valve lifters I thought the same oil as I use in my Astra gte should be good 10w40 GM. However I've seen some people adding to mantas 15w40 or even 20w40 mineral stuff. Which is your advise? Cheers Luis
  6. I'm back in Spain now, however I go to the UK quite often. Yes, I know you guys meet at the royal horse. I used to go to that pub and I can remember once there was a few mantas at the carpark.
  7. 4k euro considering no welding needed. Average prices in Spain for mantas are around 6-7k euro Yes and no. Normally the scappers pay that money for you. They do their own calculations taking that in account. Therefore they pay you less for the car.
  8. Hi guys Thank you both. After a few years living in the UK I can definitely say... Most of sheds are cheaper than in spain.However some cars are the opposite. Astra MK2 is an example (I own a couple of them) . Mantas... Is difficult to say but... In general the rust is not as bad as in the UK. I'm from the northwest of Spain and even there... The rust is s real fu***er. I bought her down the south, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty" There are a few examples in Spain, however this one was cheap as chips. I will consider to join a membership for sure. Thanks everyone Luis
  9. Hi Herman Thanks for your warm welcome. The car still has her original plate. She was registered back in 1983 in Valencia, therefore is definitely a gte. Original paperwork of the vehicle confirms the same. Thanks for the tip about the door seal.I'll look into those websites. Hopefully I'll be able to find it. Regards Luis
  10. My Idea with this project is bring it back to the roads(has been on a sorn sincE 2012. Do a full deep service and start to drive it. And then let's see. So far I've identified some parts broken/missing/needed. Front seats. The car has installed the front seats from a gsi, not the gte ones with the "Scottish cloth pattern" Rear spoiler. I would like to fit the exclusive 3 piece spoiler. Door upper rubber seal(the one against the b pillar) is falling apart.. and no sealing properly. So if any of you have any of this parts , I would be more than happy to get in touch with you and for sure we'll get a deal. Cheers guys!
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