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  1. No but he only lives round the corner from my ex-bint Could always get one. I will have to drag him to the warwick pub meet.
  2. Hes only had the old girl for a few months. He didnt know anything about billing nor a deal about the club. I must admit I had wondered if Id seen it at billing before. Infact I might have seen it on the m1 stradelled at the side of the road on one of the billing trips. The bloke lives in Warwick warwickshire. Told him he needs to be in the club for help, advicee and spares etc. Just nice to see anouther manta on the road
  3. Yip that woke me up ill tell you! Saw a lovely v8 coupe, the bloke in question isnt a member and has never been on the site Soon put him straight. Hes got a rover 220 gti as well he says hes got to get rid of one of them......hmmm no competition there then. Any how managed to get a couple of piccys with the phone. It dosnt show up but the it had a silver fleck in the paint work. What do you think? He even said make me an offer.
  4. When I got 16v shed and went driving round I used to get through about 3 fuses per trip and on the odd ocasion smoke would apear from under the dash cant think why..... So me and my old man set to with a multimeter a few connectors and a pair of wire snippers...... For some perculiar reson no more smoke was seen from the dash and I havnt blown a fuse since[] Why oh why dont people do a job right first time round.[?][?] So since then done stage 2 of wiring clean up so if any one needs some old wire......... Rear Drive is the only way forward!
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