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  1. Thanks for the info guys, I'll have a look and see what we need for the old bus! It's not actually my car but I've been charged with sourcing parts, planning, ideas and generally been given free reign (with owners agreement obvs) to come up with something special!! I'm in West Yorkshire but don't mind travelling for the cause if need be lol! If anyone has any suggestions for engine swaps they will be welcome, I'm fancying vectra v6 but owner seems to be swaying towards a v8!? Any input? Obviously this isn't going to be a restoration but more of a subtle restomod to get the shape back out there and be memorable for the right reasons!
  2. Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I have recently become the lucky recipient of a 73 manta project car and would really appreciate and help or info that anyone has to share! If anyone has, or knows the whereabouts of, side and rear glass that might be available I would be thankful of any leads. Hope to become a part of the community
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