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  1. Thats a shame, I sold my red B1 16 years ago, my daughter is still some kind of angry on me, like my self, forever regret
  2. Hello Jess, thanks for your reaction, Wieringerwerf is a Nice surrounding, untill 1 hour of the place where I live. (South side of te water) What kind of work are you doing there
  3. Thank you all for the warm wecome and help offerd, I am still struggling with my tablet, which does not accept the english language that in combination with a digi-bite like me is not ok. My daughter put some photos on de site, she knows how to do it. The photos of the B2 is 10 year old, after a restauration of 1500 hour, unfortunately , my son hit a deer last year, causing a lot of damage. I am still working to get it right. Some more general advice; never sell tour old Manta , because you will regeert it ,I am looking for 16 year without success. Regards; Rob Hello Herman, that is Nice that we are neighbours, I am also member for I think 23 jaars of the OMCN, maby we meet on a meeting.
  4. Thanks for offering help and the warm welcome.
  5. Hello, my name is Rob from the Netherlands, 55 years old and a new member at your club. I am a owner of a Opel manta A1 from 1973 and a B2 GSI from 1987. At the moment I am restore the Manta A1. I have to find out hou to post a photo, the internet is still a problem, and I wil make some misstakes I am some kind of a digibeet ( means not verry good with the internet) Regards: Rob
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