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  1. Ideally I should have some sort of record of what's being done and have a thread but I invariably tear into a job and then remember the camera after it's done, I'll try and slow it down this time 😁. Like you say there an encyclopedic amount of knowledge here from a lot of hands on experience, the best kind imo. Thanks for that link, it'll be studied intensely. I can work my way around landrover having driven them over 20 years but I haven't had a car since my old kadetts in the 90s
  2. New springs and shocks and superpro bushes all round for a start 😁. I have great faith in superpro having fitted them in my other daily driver a defender 130. Brake upgrades are on the cards too, I'll be tapping onto the collective here for that one for sure. Possibly a bit of polish too 😉 Oh and some sort of heating as the heater box was chopped with the redtop conversion
  3. Hello from leitrim, that cavalier reminds me of my uncles. He had a beautiful 1600 too only it was blue. Just brought back some lovely memories looking at it. Oh that info on the brakes is invaluable too btw, thanks to that man my wanderly wagon might actually stop soon 👍👍👍👍 Cheers Dave
  4. Hello folks, just acquired a 1985 coupe after years of searching. Its having its water pump and timing belt done before the rest of its tinkered with. I'm in Co Leitrim in the Republic of Ireland, it's getting lots of attention wherever it goes. There were quite a few here growing up, Central Motors of Mohill being a main dealer here quite a few were in the forecourt over the years. Cheers Dave
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